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Episode 1 - S1 EP1 The Prodigal Daughter

Sarah Adams returns to Australia after 20 years abroad. Working aboard an ocean liner she becomes involved with the Blighs, a wealthy Australian family.


Episode 2 - S1 EP2 The Welcome Mat

While Olivia remains feeling unwell and disconcerted by James's continued distance, Elizabeth is irritated by the fact that Sarah continues to be the talk of the dinner table.


Episode 3 - S1 EP3 Truth Will Out

Sarah's annoyance at the invasion of her privacy turns to anger when she is questioned by Jack about what was discovered in her room - that Sarah is not her real name.


Episode 4 - S1 EP4 The Mona Lisa Smile

The horrors of the war cast a long, unwelcome shadow over Inverness as Jack heads out around town with Sarah on her first day at work.


Episode 5 - S1 EP5 Day of Atonement

With a religious occasion approaching, Sarah performs a spiritual cleansing in the local creek, one that is unfortunately witnessed by Doris Collins.


Episode 6 - S1 EP6 That's Amore

Anna and Gino's romance continues to blossom as they sneak off to spend time together, even though it's clear that something about their secret trysts is playing on Gino's mind.


Episode 7 - S1 EP7 Boom!

Receiving word that her mother is gravely ill, Sarah gets a lift to Sydney with George and Anna. Elizabeth reveals her darkest secret to help James and Olivia’s marriage.


Episode 8 - S1 EP8 Worlds Apart

Elizabeth is rushed to hospital where Jack confirms she has suffered a heart attack. Heavily sedated and rambling, Elizabeth comes close to revealing a secret of her past.


Episode 9 - S1 EP9 Cane Toad

Sarah and George begin a secret affair and start meeting at the cottage for their romantic trysts.


Episode 10 - S1 EP10 Lest We Forget

On the eve of Remembrance Day, George is asked to host a Japanese trade delegation. George asks Jack to come in the hope that the approval of a former Japanese POW might help.


Episode 11 - S1 EP11 True to Your Heart

Newly discharged from hospital, Elizabeth is unimpressed by the way Regina is behaving towards George and asks her to leave.


Episode 12 - S1 EP12 New Beginning

George is delighted when Sarah agrees to marry him, but when Elizabeth discovers her threat to disinherit George has backfired, she resolves to take a different approach.


Episode 13 - S1 EP13 Secret Love

James sees a psychiatrist, but he and Olivia's hopes of a brighter future are challenged when George arrives and confronts his son.


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