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A Place to Call Home Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - S3 EP1 The Things We Do For Love

Sarah chooses to stay with George rather than Rene after the shooting. Regina threatens Sarah's future and George's condition endangers Elizabeth's health.


Episode 2 - S3 EP2 L'Chaim, to Life

On returning to Ash Park, George tells the family that he is going to make an important announcement at dinner and invites James for a private chat beforehand.


Episode 3 - S3 EP3 Somewhere Beyond the Sea

Finding that Sarah is also in Sydney, Elizabeth arranges a meeting at which she is able to thank her for saving George's life.


Episode 4 - S3 EP4 Too Old to Dream

Sarah attends a backstreet doctor but cannot go through with the operation. Carolyn gets the offer of the job as an art critic for one of Sir Richard's Sydney newspapers.


Episode 5 - S3 EP5 Living in the Shadow

Olivia expresses her reservations about the artist Lloyd Ellis Parker to James, but he insists that they retain him to paint their portraits.


Episode 6 - S3 EP6 In the Heat of the Night

George comes across Sarah, who has been taken ill at the side of the road. Caroline teases her mother about Douglas Goddard but Elizabeth decides to visit his servicemen's club again.


Episode 7 - S3 EP7 Sins of the Father

Jack has arranged for Rene to have his operation but Sarah, concerned about the risks involved refuses to give her consent. George withraws his nomination to The Country Party.


Episode 8 - S3 EP8 Till Death Do Us Part

It is the morning of young Georgie's christening and Olivia is distraught over James' continued absence. Regina travels to Sydney to bring James back and is rewarded by George.


Episode 9 - S3 EP9 The Mourners' Kadish

Regina and George return from their wedding, where both Elizabeth and Carolyn warn both parties about their marriage Sarah is flustered in her attempts to arrange Rene's funeral.


Episode 10 - S3 EP10 The Love Undeniable

George consummates his marriage to Regina after she has spiked his drink with morphine but tells her it won't happen again. Sarah has returned to work at the hospital.


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