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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Pilchard Steals the Show

When Scoop notices that Farmer Pickles has entered Scruffty into the dog show, he becomes determined to enter Pilchard, even though she's a cat!


Episode 1 - Floating Away

While building a floating bridge, Muck falls asleep on a bridge piece on the river. The team must rescue him before he goes over the falls!


Episode 1 - A Christmas to Remember

Bob's can-do crew is busy decorating for the holidays and building a concert stage for rock starts Lennie and the Lazers. And guess who's coming home for Christmas! Bob's twin brother, Tom - all the way from the Arctic Circle! Unfortunately, things don't go as planned. Spud is up to his usual pranks, Lennie can't sing, and Bob forgot his Santa costume. And it seems Tom won't be home after all. Much to Bob's surprise, Elton John and a mysterious Santa make it a special Christmas to remember!


Episode 1 - Muck's Stinky Trip

Bob and the team are building raised beds at the Town Hall when Muck gets sent off to pick up some manure. On the way back he realises that his load is very stinky so he decides to avoid as many people as possible. Soon he's running late and rushes back causing mayhem to the building of the raised beds in the process.


Episode 1 - On Site: Roads and Bridges

For the first time ever, Bob is going on site! Join Bob and his Can-Do Crew as they explore real life construction sites. See diggers, mixers and trucks work together to build roads and bridges. From the first foundations and at every step along the way, Bob the Builder and some fun new friends show you the exciting world of big machines!


Episode 1 - Scoop the Disco Digger

A surprise holiday dancing display for Bob and Wendy, and a busy work schedule for Scoop! We find we have a spectacular dancer in our midst, so good that even disco-phobic Bob can't resist joining in.


Episode 1 - A-mazing Maze

When the vehicles get stuck in a maze they've created on the grounds of Fixham Castle, Leo uses a drone to help guide them out safe and sound.


Episode 1 - Bear Mountain

Bob and his team are building a new bear enclosure at the zoo, but Scoop has his own design ideas.


Episode 1 - Sky-High Scoop

When Bob and his team are fitting a lift into a Spring City skyscraper Scoop decides that he would like to see the view from the top.


Episode 1 - Pilchard in a Pickle

Bob and the machines are laying pipes in a field. Meanwhile, Wendy tries to look for Pilchard and gets in a panic when she can't find her anywhere.


Episode 1 - On Site: Homes and Playgrounds

Bob's world meets real construction!Join Bob and his "Can-Do" crew as they go back on site to show you the exciting real world of big machines! From bird's nests to houses, we all need a home and in this brand new adventure Bob explains how they are built. But as always, Bob and the team balance work and play, taking us to see how they make the slides, swings and climbing frames that make life fun too.


Episode 1 - Roley's Rovers

There is much excitement at the Yard. The machines find an old football and toss it around. Wendy jokes that all they need to become a real team is a mascot!


Episode 1 - Pyramid Puzzle

Lofty is excited that he will be using his new claw attachment to help Bob construct the museum's new pyramid exhibition building. Eager to do as much of the building work himself as he can, Lofty gets to work and places a stone in every gap he can find, inadvertently blocking the only entrance and trapping Bob, Wendy and Anish inside!


Episode 1 - Knights of Can-a-Lot

When an old castle needs renovating so that it can be opened to the public, Dr. Florence Mountfitchett of Local Heritage calls Bob the Builder to fix it. Unfortunately, a case of mistaken identity puts Bob's dad in charge of the job!


Episode 1 - Moving House

When Mayor Madison wishes to save a very old historic house that is perilously close to a crumbling cliff, Bob and the team lift it onto Two-Tonne's flatbed to take it to a new site near the Sports Park. Mr Bentley accompanies the convoy and being a keen bird watcher, he spots a nest of very rare eggs by the side of the road. To avoid disturbing them, Two-Tonne decides to take a different route through the city, but he misjudges the height of the monorail bridge and the house gets stuck under it. Luckily Bob arrives with a solution-by letting the air out of Two Tonne's tyres the vehicle is low enough to squeeze under the bridge and proceed to the new site.


Episode 1 - Scrambler and the Colourful Cave

Scrambler discovers some beautiful cave paintings which inspires him to make something very special for Sandy's new Cave - a canvas decorated with his very own cave paintings of Bob and the machines!


Episode 1 - Bob's Big Surprise

When a large box is delivered, Scoop thinks it contains Wendy's surprise birthday present to Bob. His efforts to keep it hidden from Bob soon cause chaos.


Episode 1 - Bob's Pizza

Bob starts doing a pizza delivery service.


Episode 1 - Travis' New Garage

Seeing how happy Bob and Wendy are when he finds their lost property at the yard, Roley wants to find more lost things. He even christens himself Lost Property Officer Roley!


Episode 1 - Skateboard Spud

Spud builds a skateboard out of an old ironing board at the rubbish dump and heads through town! Bob has just put up some traffic calming measures.


Episode 1 - Benny's Back

Farmer Pickles arrives early with a load of straw to store in the storeroom - but it's not finished and rain is on the way! Scrambler and Benny try to slow down Farmer Pickles so Bob can finish but they keep on missing him.


Episode 1 - Sir Muck

Inspired by a "knights of old" book, Spud and Muck discover old wooden poles and canvas under bricks and declare that they must be old lances and costumes from when the knights lived in the 'castle'. But it's not knight's gear at all!


Episode 1 - Scrambler's Stage Surprise

There's been a storm, and Scrambler loved the thunder! But Lofty didn't - it made him jump! The storm has damaged the control booth and lighting rig at the theatre. Richard Olivier's play opens tonight, so the team have to work fast to get them repaired!


Episode 1 - Winter in Spring

When Bob and his team build a ski lift on Observatory Hill, Scoop takes to the slopes.


Episode 1 - Dizzy's Sleepover

Dizzy is excited by the discovery of bats in the old watermill but is crestfallen to learn that they're nocturnal and they only come out at night. Bob has an idea, Dizzy finally meets the bats!


Episode 1 - Scratch's Hidden Treasures

It's Scratch's first day, and he's a bit scared, he wants to fit in! The team make him feel at home and soon he's excited about what his first job will be.


Episode 1 - Bob's Fresh Start

Bob the Builder is building a new town from the ground up! Bigger construction adventures and more building using natural materials. New vehicles with more features in each series. Distinctive locations: Bob's yard, sea port, mountains.


Episode 1 - A Christmas Fix

Mr. Bentley's overenthusiasm for Christmas causes a black-out in Fixham on the night of his party.


Episode 1 - Scrambler in the Doghouse

When the wood for Scruffty's new kennel is broken, Bob gets to work and Scruffty soon has an amazing, very unique recycled kennel!


Episode 2 - Start from Scratch

Before the team heads off to fix the old stand at the football ground, Scoop shows Scratch how to juggle-kick a football. Bob is impressed with Scoop's football skills. Scratch wants to be just like Scoop and impress Bob too!


Episode 2 - Lofty's Shelter

Today's the day that the machines get to build their brand new shelter. Lofty, who slept outside at the old yard, decides that he'd like a place in the new shelter - but doesn't know how to let Bob know.


Episode 2 - Muck and the Elephant

Bob and his team are building an elephant statue for the Mall, but when Muck accidently damages the statue; he must be brave and own up to his mistake.


Episode 2 - Spud's Bumper Harvest

Spud decides to help Farmer Pickles with his sunflower harvest but there's nowhere to store the sunflowers. Spud thinks Bob's mobile home will make the perfect silo but Squawk the Crow has other ideas.


Episode 2 - Muck's Monster

Wendy takes Muck and Dizzy to clear a blocked drain. Muck is spooked by the gurgling noises. Dizzy convinces him that it is a drain monster!


Episode 2 - Muck Gets Stuck

Bob and the machines are repairing a tunnel. Bob sends Muck inside carrying a load of bricks. The generator breaks down and the lights go out. Poor Muck is stuck inside the dark tunnel. What can make him move?


Episode 2 - Phillip's Sleepover

While Bob and his team are building an underground car dock for Phillip at the Town Hall, he Philip has to have a sleepover at the yard. He scares an already intimidated Muck, who mistakes him for a ghost! In the commotion, the hydraulic jacks for the build are ruined. Muck helps to slow the traffic down so Bob can get the car dock built before Mayors Madison and Snipe arrive.


Episode 2 - Apples Everywhere

When Flame the horse creates chaos in an apple orchard, Bob and Muck must work out what to do with the damaged apples.


Episode 2 - Yard Muddle

While helping with yard repairs, Shifter manages to lock Scoop and Muck in their garages, and leaves Bob and Wendy stranded on the roof.


Episode 2 - Scratch and the Dream Room

Bob, Wendy and the machines are at Farmer Pickles' Farm, ready to build Spud's new room.


Episode 2 - Lofty the Star

The team is building a log cabin so Lofty's role is to lift and lay the logs. A campfire sing-a-long planned for tonight, with Lofty the star.


Episode 2 - Pass The Parcel

Bob and his team install a hi tech robotic picking system in a gift warehouse but Leo's knowledge of robotics isn't as great as he thinks.


Episode 2 - Mr Bentley's Winter Fair

Mr Bentley is organising the winter fair in the town hall with stalls, lights and a giant inflatable Santa Claus, Bob is the 'brilliant assistant' and after a few hiccups everything turns out rosy!


Episode 2 - Jet Powered Scoop

When Scoop messes around at Mei's Test Facility, he ends up zooming around the streets on a jet engine, learning that you shouldn't mix work and play.


Episode 2 - Grand Marshal Bob

Scoop, Muck and Lofty compete to see who will carry Bob when he is made Grand Marshal of the big parade!


Episode 2 - Spud's Straw Surprise

Spud overhears a conversation and concludes they must be building a new super-sized scarecrow to replace him - what sort of surprise is that? Spud comes up with a plan to hide the straw and prove how good a scarecrow he can be.


Episode 2 - Scrambler's Best Idea

The machines wonder whose idea will win the playtime build competition at the school. Scrambler is adamant his tree house idea is the best, it'll definitely win!


Episode 2 - Wendy's Birthday Surprise

Bob and the team have to make the town well safe. But it's also Wendy's birthday - and Bob wants to arrange a surprise party for her. He'll need some help!


Episode 2 - Milkshake Mix Up

As Bob and his team finish building a fun new Milkshake Bar, Scoop sees Chef Tattie experimenting with ingredients and gets inspired to make his own concrete mix creation�


Episode 2 - Phillip's Important Job

Phillip annoys Betsy and Alfred by insinuating that his work driving Mayor Madison is more important than theirs. But when he runs out of petrol en route to Anish Bose's book launch at Fixham Castle, Phillip has to accept their help and eat humble pie. Phillip's excellent memory helps the Mayor to deliver the speech she'd left behind.


Episode 2 - Bashing Crashing Benny

Bob bought a new attachment for Benny. It's big and heavy and Benny is desperate to try it out. Bob promises he can, as long as he's there to help. When Bob gets called away, Benny's trial will have to wait - but Benny has other ideas.


Episode 2 - Muck the Elf

It's Christmas time and Muck decides that he wants to be an elf!


Episode 2 - Spud the Dragon

When Mrs Percival has the school yard full of props for the school play, Spud decides to borrow the dragon costume. He pretends to be a magic dragon when he sees Muck.


Episode 2 - Wendy's Removal Service

Wendy starts operating a removal service.


Episode 2 - Benny's Important Job

Benny's keen to help but keeps on finding himself in the way until Mrs Bentley needs him to help finish her new garden. Benny is the perfect machine for the job and soon gets everything planted just in time.


Episode 3 - Night Time Scratch

Scratch is so excited about today's job, installing the floodlights at the football ground, that he has hardly slept a wink the night before. The other machines worry that he's tired but he insists he's not - nothing will stop him seeing the floodlights tested and turned on for the first time ever!


Episode 3 - A Heavy Load

Two-Tonne's desperation to help a pregnant elephant leads him to make a decision that causes a bridge to collapse - and the elephant to escape.


Episode 3 - Dizzy and the Talkie Talkie

Wendy and Scrambler arrive for the first ever time in Sunflower Valley. Wendy has even brought a surprise - Talkie Talkies - A radio-headset system to help them in Sunflower Valley.


Episode 3 - Off Road Scrambler

Scrambler is desperate to help Bob so he's given the job of taking Scruffty for a walk to keep him out of trouble. Scrambler tries a game of "hide and seek" and Scruffty discovers the most amazing off-road course Scrambler has ever seen.


Episode 3 - Wendy's Surprise

Trying to get Wendy to finish work to attend her surprise birthday party, proves to be much harder than expected.


Episode 3 - Fess Up or Mess Up

Muck takes a robotic vehicle Leo's built for a robo-racing contest on a build. When the toy goes haywire, Muck tries to solve the problem by himself.


Episode 3 - Machine Magic

When Bob and the team build a restaurant in the car park of the open air theatre, Scoop's attempts to turn amateur magician causes chaos.


Episode 3 - Muck the Safety Officer

Bob and the team have to repair a sinkhole that has appeared in the road. Muck is given the job of safety officer but almost ends up in the hole himself.


Episode 3 - Dizzy and the Wheelies

Dizzy is excited when the team head to the lighthouse to pave the ramps that lead down to the beach and up to the harbour. Dizzy loves doing wheelies on those ramps!


Episode 3 - Sumsy's Willow Tree

An old Willow tree has toppled over and needs to be chopped down. Lofty and Bob are going to make it safe and use the wood for other things but Sumsy has her own plans.


Episode 3 - Spud's Cork Tree

Spud is so noisy that he keeps everyone awake. He uses a scrap of cork tree to make some shoes and is now 'silent spud'.


Episode 3 - Scoop Saves the Day

A heavy storm causes a lot of damage. Bob sets of to clear the mess, and leaves Muck and Lofty to help Farmer Pickles.


Episode 3 - Bob's Hide

Bob, Mr Bentley and the machines are building a bird hide at the nature reserve and then waiting to catch a glimpse of the rare Grebe Warbler. But instead they see Spud disguised as the bird!


Episode 3 - A Present for Bob

Bob and the team are hard at work building the Spring City Christmas display, but Lofty's present for Bob causes the display to come crashing down.


Episode 3 - Lofty the Artist

Wendy and Molly have been asked to redecorate the library at school with new furniture, shelves and paintings. Lofty wants to join in and ends up creating wallpaper with a difference!


Episode 3 - Mr Beasley's DIY Disaster

Mr. Beasley has a huge disaster.


Episode 3 - Scoop the Artist

Today's job is to build a new wing on the museum, before David Mockney's grand exhibition opening. Scoop knows all about artists, and is excited to meet David, a real life artist.


Episode 3 - Put It Together Spud

Spud decides that putting things together is something he'd be very good at so tries to lend a hand with the new machinery for Farmer Pickles' sunflower oil factory.


Episode 3 - Stage Struck Dizzy

Spud is playing a giant in a play at Fixham Theatre, and stomps around the yard, shouting his line. Dizzy thinks this is brilliant, and joins in - but points out that Spud is getting his line wrong!


Episode 3 - Haunted Town Hall

When the new Town Hall alarm keeps going off, Dizzy and Lofty are respectively excited and horrified by Mr Bentley's suggestion that it could be a ghost. Bob and Wendy eventually find the real culprits - bats that Bob accidentally trapped inside the chimney when re-pointing it.


Episode 3 - Scoop's Pet Shark

Bob and the team are building a new aquarium for a baby tiger shark, but when Scoop decides to treat the shark as his new pet, things start to go very wrong.


Episode 3 - Scruffty's Big Dig

Whilst chasing rabbits in a field, Scruffty falls down a hole. Muck is spooked by the noises he makes and thinks it's a ghost. He calls Bob to have a look and then Lofty hauls Scruffty out of the hole.


Episode 3 - Muck's Convoy

Bob's built a new waterwheel for the old watermill and needs Benny, Scoop, Lofty and Muck to carry the wheel sections through the marshland to the mill. Muck is convoy leader but gets upset when things don't go to plan!


Episode 3 - Roley's Speech

Roley is sent into a panic when the audience he's going to give a speech to starts to get bigger and bigger.


Episode 3 - Kitchen Whizz

When Bob and his team are helping Chef Tattie open up his new UFO-themed revolving restaurant the machines, go in surch of aliens whilst Pilchard takes Bob for a spin�


Episode 4 - Bob's Top Team

Bob's too busy to even tell the machines what the job is for today. He takes Scrambler to the dome and the others follow. It turns out that they are going to turn the whole of the Dome into a Visitors centre and its opening tomorrow!


Episode 4 - Flotsam and Jetsam

While clearing Fixham beach of rubbish, Lofty collects all the interesting looking driftwood because-to Scoop's bafflement-he thinks it?s beautiful. When Muck hauls away the debris to the dump, Lofty spies a prize piece of wood and grabs it, but causes the rubbish to fall back into the water! Bob uses some of the driftwood to create booms to gather the flotsam and jetsam and later they use them to decorate the path to the beach.


Episode 4 - Bob's First Build

Muck feels bad for collapsing Bob's first build-an old shed - but Scoop tells the story of how Bob built it, and the mistakes he made along the way.


Episode 4 - Lofty and the Rabbits

Lofty discovers a small family of rabbits.


Episode 4 - Buffalo Bob

Bob and the machines are building a dance floor stage ready for a line-dancing contest that evening. Bob needs to go home for some final practice. But when his dancing partner Mavis sprains her ankle, will Bob find someone else to dance with in time?


Episode 4 - Ice Cold Fixham

Scoop's attempt to save a melting ice-sculpture could ruin Mayor Madison's charity event.


Episode 4 - Muck the Chauffeur

When Bob and the team build refreshment kiosks for the monorail, Muck gets into a muddle when he tries to do two jobs at once.


Episode 4 - Scoop's Sea Rescue

Scoop dreams he's a brave sea captain. A little boat tips over, and he pulls the passengers to safety! He's so excited when he hears that today's job is to change the big lens in the lighthouse before dark! At the lighthouse, Bob briefs the job but Scoop's mind is elsewhere!


Episode 4 - Lofty Lets Loose

Bob and his team are building a new giraffe enclosure at the zoo but Lofty's excitement about meeting his favorite animal gets the better of him �..


Episode 4 - Bob's Auntie

Bob's Auntie Dora, who is a stickler for tidiness, is planning to visit and the yard is in a complete mess. The machines only make it worse.


Episode 4 - Boogie Woogie Wonderland

Bob and the team are asked to build a giant games testing area, but when Leo fails to follow instructions, the opening is in danger of going very wrong.


Episode 4 - Roley and the Fox

The team are building a jungle themed mini golf course - much to Mr Bentley's delight! He practises his game, but keeps losing all his balls!


Episode 4 - Best Laid Plans

Bob's messy office results in the wrong plans being given to Leo and Mr. Bentley causing the buildings to be built in the wrong place.


Episode 4 - Roley's Round Up

It's a blistering hot day but Bob and Wendy have got to finish building their workshop. When it's overrun with animals seeking shelter from the heat, Bob, Wendy and the team build a very special, furry feathery friends house.


Episode 4 - Here Be Dragons

Zoo keeper, Jenny Dobbs commissions Bob and the team to build Komodo Island, but Muck's fear of Komodo dragons lands Leo in a perilous situation.


Episode 4 - Canal Chaos

When Lofty won't admit that he doesn't understand the details of a canal build, he puts everyone in jeopardy.


Episode 4 - Bucket Stand

When Bob and the team build a fitness circuit, Scoop causes havoc when he tries to perform a "bucket stand".


Episode 4 - Spud's Statue

Bob is building a pavilion in the park to celebrate the annual flower show and Molly has to build a special statue of a horse. Spud becomes obsessed with the statue and learns a hard lesson!


Episode 4 - Cock-a-Doodle Spud

Bob is building a hen coop for Farmer Pickles as his hen has abandoned her eggs. Spud decides to look after the chicks.


Episode 4 - Slow Down Scrambler

Bob and the team are excited about building a bridge. Scrambler is especially excited but learns in his hurry to get things done quickly, he has actually slowed everyone down and the bridge won't be finished till the morning.


Episode 4 - High Tide for Lofty

After a wild and windy night in Fixham, Bob and his team are clearing up in the yard. Lofty is trying to avoid getting splashed by Muck and Dizzy, who are having fun in the puddles.


Episode 4 - Meet Marjorie

The team are building Farmer Pickles new factory which will turn sunflowers into sunflower oil. Everyone is excited to meet Marjorie, who arrives by bicycle. Marjorie has been brought on board by Farmer Pickles to manage the factory.


Episode 4 - Scoop's Recruit

Scoop and Dizzy spent the night at Bob's old yard, helping Wendy with some digging and mixing. The machines wish that Wendy could come and live out in Sunflower Valley, but realise that she needs someone to take over the old yard first.


Episode 4 - While Bob's Away, Robert Will Play

Bob and Wendy are called to Bobsville. When they return, they are amazed to see the playground his dad, Robert, has built. It's missing one important thing so Robert coverts a rubble-chute into a slide!


Episode 4 - Muck's Beach Tower

It's a day at the beach for everyone. And while Bob, Wendy, Scoop and Lofty build a lifeguard tower for Brad Rad, Muck and the others are happy to build sandcastles. Muck decides to build the greatest castle of all!


Episode 5 - Wendy's Busy Day

Bob and the machines have a major job of resurfacing the main road that must be done today. But poor Bob has a very bad cold. Wendy offers to take over the job. All goes well until Dizzy gets stuck in some wet cement.


Episode 5 - Roley to the Rescue

Bird is trapped and Roley has to rescue him.


Episode 5 - Super Scrambler

Scrambler has been reading a book about the super-hero machine, Super-Smasher, and decides he wants to be just like him. When Scoop and Muck point out that he's just an ordinary machine like the rest of them, it just makes Scrambler all the more determined!


Episode 5 - Sumsy and the Beast

There's a strange creature about. It scares Sumsy and Travis who cause panic by spreading rumours of "The beast of Sunflower Valley". Later a very pink and skinny 'beast emerges'. What an exciting day.


Episode 5 - Camping Calamity

Whilst building a campsite Adventure Centre, Scoop and Muck decide to go camping. Unfortunately they get lost and Bob has to find them!


Episode 5 - Drive Thru Disaster

For his college course, Leo films the team building a drive-thru at the Milkshake Bar. Scoop’s desperation to be the star of Leo's film causes disruption and eventually a crash on the drive-thru lane! The drive-thru and film are ruined. Scoop stays off camera as Leo films the team fixing the drive-thru, showing everything that can happen on a build.


Episode 5 - Pick Up a Penguin

Bob and his team build a penguin pool at the zoo, but when the penguins arrive before it is ready Leo has to look after them until it is complete.


Episode 5 - A Safe Place For Dizzy

When Bob and the team build a safe in the basement of the skyscraper, Dizzy gets locked inside. But she's the only one who knows the door code.


Episode 5 - Dizzy the Detective

Bob's renovating a dilapidated old watermill in Sunflower Valley but realises that one of the millstones has gone missing. How very odd! Dizzy the Detective and Assistant Detective Spud set out to track it down!


Episode 5 - Bob and the Big Freeze

Spud decides to skate on the duck pond when it is frozen over, but the ice starts to crack! Dizzy calls on Bob and Lofty to come to the rescue.


Episode 5 - Super Scoop

Inspired by Dash Lightning's new movie, Scoop wants to be a super-hero.


Episode 5 - Barn Building Bedlam

Scoop and Ace are put in charge of decorating two barns. But when Ace's becomes a masterpiece, Scoop will stop at nothing until his barn is the best!


Episode 5 - Travis and the Tropical Fruits

Mr Beasley is going into the tropical fruits business and discovers that the best way to grow pineapples is in a pit heated by horse manure! Travis's job is collect the manure but tries to hide his whiffy load!


Episode 5 - Grid Block

Dizzy causes a huge traffic jam by bossing the other vehicles around while they install new traffic lights.


Episode 5 - Scoop's Big Break

Bob and his team are working on a new driveway at Fixham Town Hall when Scoop's enthusiasm for breaking up the old one gets the better of him.


Episode 5 - Pilchard and the Field Mice

Bob works to replace a beam in Mr Ellis' cottage while Pilchard solves another problem that Bob isn't aware of and Pilchard gets a prize!


Episode 5 - Muck's Mud Hut

Events get out of hand when Muck decides to build a mud-hut. He takes so much mud that the riverbank bursts. Bob and his team repair the damage and Muck learns an important lesson - that you can't just build a house anywhere!


Episode 5 - Bob's Three Jobs

Robert's come to the valley to spend some quality time with Bob. They have a plan to spend the afternoon birdwatching but Bob has three very quick jobs to do first!


Episode 5 - Scoop Dashes For Glory

When helping build a treetop walkway, Scoop's desperate efforts to show Dash Lightning just how amazing a digger he is end up going totally down hill.


Episode 5 - Stranded

A heavy storm causes damage to the Fixham Lighthouse and Bob and his team must fix it before dark, but the repair job soon becomes a rescue mission.


Episode 5 - Where's Robert?

Now that Robert's taken over the old yard, Wendy can move to Sunflower Valley! Bob is in Bobsville - he needs to collect some material then head back. Once this is done, he's desperate to get going. But Robert is nowhere to be seen!


Episode 5 - Here Comes Muck

Bob is building a new garage for the team. His design includes roll-up doors for each machine's berth. The machines become excited by the idea of coming out through these doors for the first time.


Episode 5 - Scratch's Star Turn

Today is Fixham History Day - a day when everybody celebrates Fixham's past. As a special Gala Finale, Dickie Olivier, the famous actor, is putting on a show - 'Ships, Pirates and Fixham.' Bob and the team are turning an old ship into a stage for the show. It's an exciting job and Scratch is thrilled when he lands a part in the play.


Episode 5 - Lofty and the Monster

Bob and the team are rebuilding an old shack on the beach and transforming it into a surf school. Brad Rad, the awesome new surf instructor is there to help.


Episode 5 - Wendy's Surprise Party

Wendy is holding a barbeque party for her sister Jenny who is coming to visit in which the whole town is invited. However, the machines are too tired to go after laying a garden path.


Episode 6 - Wendy's Welcome

Scoop and the machines are in Sunflower Valley setting up Wendy's caravan while Wendy struggles to get everything packed up- including her tent. When Wendy finally arrives, she's delighted to find that she won't be camping after all.


Episode 6 - Pineapple Scratch

Bob and the team are building Brad Rad's new Surf School beach cafe and Scratch in particular is very excited - he thinks Brad is soooo cool! Scratch wants more than anything to be cool like Brad. So when Brad says that Scratch is a cool dude, he's determined to live up to this praise!


Episode 6 - Wendy's Party Plan

Wendy's organised a surprise party for Bob tomorrow night. There's lots to do but now Bob's asked her to build the geodesic dome and Mr Bentley has invited everyone to come tonight instead of tomorrow! Wendy's in a panic and needs help.


Episode 6 - Clumsy Roley

Roley nearly runs over Bob's toolbox. He then worries that he is always very clumsy. His anxiety makes him more accident-prone than ever!


Episode 6 - Bobcat Bridge

The team reunites a bobcat cub with its family by building a wildlife corridor across a busy highway.


Episode 6 - Roley's Bird's Eye View

Roley is helping with the building of an observation tower but is upset because he is too big to ever get to the top. He'd love to see a bird's eye view of the Valley so seeing Bird's reflection in a mirror gives him an idea.


Episode 6 - Scoop the Teacher

Benny has come to learn a thing or two from Scoop. He's impatient to learn so begs Scoop to teach him some more. Scoop nervously erects the uprights and roof for the new bakery without Bob's help and it all goes terribly wrong!


Episode 6 - Dizzy and the Butterfly

Dizzy is super excited to be working on the new Butterfly House and wishes an orange butterfly would land on her. But the butterfly pupae arrive early and Dizzy bumps into things and gets in the way. She goes outside and finds one has hatched in her mixing drum. Dizzy has to be stiller and calmer than ever before to get the butterfly to safety. She's rewarded by scores of orange Monarchs landing on her.


Episode 6 - Trix's Pumpkin Pie

Bob is building a Jungle Jim climbing frame in the school playground. Trix likes being busy and offers to fetch and carry.


Episode 6 - Roley's Weather Rap

Bob is building a meteorological station for Brad Rad, so that he can make announcements to his surfing students about the weather. Roley is having fun making up a surfing rap, but is upset when Brad doesn't have time to carry on with him.


Episode 6 - Aqua Ducks

Muck must find a way to save some endangered ducklings, after they 'imprint' on him while the team builds an aqueduct.


Episode 6 - Ship Shape

While Bob and the team fix a mast on Horatio Fixham's historical ship that has snapped in a big storm, Scoop and Muck clean up storm debris around Spring City. They turn the clean up exercise into a competition to collect cool and useful things. But when Scoop collects a broken crows' nest from the ship, he throws the whole job into chaos.


Episode 6 - Bob Saves the Hedgehogs

Roley nearly flattens a family of hedgehogs who are crossing the road that Bob and the machines are working on. They need to find a permanent solution. How will hedgehogs get across a busy road?


Episode 6 - Scrambler Gets Clean

Scrambler is impressed with himself and feeling very brave today - but the feeling doesn't last long. A machine wash is to be built at the yard and Scrambler doesn't think that it sounds amazing like everyone else does; he secretly thinks it sounds pretty scary!


Episode 6 - Dizzy's Pirates

Bob and the team begin renovations on the Hilltop Theatre and Mr. Bentley encourages the gang to join in the rehearsals for his latest play.


Episode 6 - Dizzy In Charge

Bob and the team are about to head off to pick up new building supplies, when Bob notices that the yard needs tidying and the driveway needs fixing. He asks Dizzy to stay behind with Scratch to do this important job.


Episode 6 - Where's Pilchard

When Muck has to shoo Pilchard out of his way, she suddenly vanishes. Leo and the machines run around looking for the cat, desperate to find her before Bob realises she?s disappeared. But when Muck has to own up, they discover that the cat has been sound asleep in his dumper all along.


Episode 6 - Pilchard and the Bear

Scoop, convinced that he has trained Bob's cat Pilchard, takes her to the zoo and inadvertently puts her life in danger.


Episode 6 - Dino Scare

When the machines get spooked while building in an empty Dino Park, Scoop pretends to be brave and ends up having to travel through the scary park alone.


Episode 6 - Two Jobs Travis

Travis is delighted to receive his own Talkie Talkie and can't wait to make good use of it but gets himself into a muddle when trying to do two jobs at once.


Episode 6 - Scoop Knows It All

Farmer Pickles is about to declare his Sunflower Oil business open, but there's one more job to do. He needs a depot to store all the bottles. And to help shift the bottles is the latest member of Bob's team!


Episode 6 - Bob the Brave

Mayor Madison calls Bob and his team to do repairs at Fixham Castle but Leo gets trapped inside and hears spooky noises.


Episode 6 - Out of the Woods

While Bob and the team are working at Fixham Campsite, Leo scares the machines with his spooky stories and Dizzy takes care of an injured creature.


Episode 7 - Lofty's Helpful Day

Mrs Toosey wants an outside staircase built, and some tiles need replacing on Mr Bentley's roof. There's a lot to do, so Lofty decides he's going to be super helpful!


Episode 7 - Too Many Cooks

Bob, Wendy and Leo are each doing different repair jobs at Chef Tattie's various restaurants, getting them ready for the Spring City Food Festival. Tread is transporting supplies between the locations but he bites off more than he can chew by doing a favour for Chef Tattie and ends up delivering the wrong things to the wrong people.


Episode 7 - Home On the Range

When Bob and his team build horse stables at the Racetrack Leo's dreams of being a cowboy leave the horses homeless for the night.


Episode 7 - Rockets Under the Stars

Bob and his team build an outdoor TV area at the Sports Stadium but Lofty takes his eye off the job helping Mayor Madison.


Episode 7 - Bob's Bugle

Bob finds a bit of pipe that he thinks makes a noise like a trumpet and so he fashions it into a bugle. While learning to play it, he doesn't realise that it makes an awful noise!


Episode 7 - Snowman Scare

Town Hall collapses, and Rocky thinks it's due to an Abominable Snowman. His friends must convince him that such creatures are a myth - aren't they?


Episode 7 - Bob's Big Bounce

Bob and the team are building a trampoline by the children's playground. Bob is excited and can't wait to have a big bounce.


Episode 7 - Speedway Scoop

When the machines get to race down the new spiral ramp, Scoop decides that he wants to be champion, causing chaos at the build.


Episode 7 - In Too Deep

When Scoop slides and gets stuck in the middle of the drained marina, he must work out a way to grip the slippery ground.


Episode 7 - Dino Coaster

Whilst building a roller coaster at the Dino Park, Lofty and Dizzy think they have released a baby dinosaur!


Episode 7 - Saffi's Treehouse

When Saffi asks her hero, Wendy, to build her a treehouse but Bob has to step in as things start to literally fall apart.


Episode 7 - Scratch Goes Solo

Ela, the teacher, finds the old school bell, and Bob builds a new bell tower for the school roof. At the same time, Scratch becomes keen on the idea of doing his first 'solo' job.


Episode 7 - Bob's Band

Roley is excited that Bob will be playing his saxophone with the town band once the bandstand in the park has been renovated. Meanwhile, Leo has his work cut out tidying up the warehouse at Bob's yard but is distracted when he discovers he can make music using the bits and pieces of left over piping and old oil drums. When Roley accidentally rolls over and flattens the band's instruments, he is so upset that he rolls away to hide. Bob comes to the rescue by suggesting they follow Leo's lead and use bits and pieces from the yard to make new instruments. Bob's 'Junk Band' is a great success and even Mayor Madison approves.


Episode 7 - Bricks and Mortar

Leo is already nervous about his brick-laying assessment - then he learns that the build is at Wendy's house so the pressure is really on!


Episode 8 - Cats and Dogs

When Bob takes Pilchard for her check up at the vets he discovers cats and dogs don't always get along.


Episode 8 - New Years Spectacular

While building a river stage for a New Year's Eve fireworks extravaganza, Scoop's over-anxious anticipation of the show nearly blows it up.


Episode 8 - Bob's Birthday

Wendy and the machines decide to pretend to have forgotten Bob's birthday and then surprise him with a party. Wendy goes home to make a cake, and then Muck and Dizzy decide to make a concrete cake for Bob to keep forever.


Episode 8 - Wild Wild Wedding

Tilly and Henry have asked Bob and the team to convert Fixham Castle into a spectacular wedding venue. When Scoop learns there will be a "Best Man", he volunteers to be "Best Machine". But the job goes to his head as he tries to be the very best at everything, resulting in a disastrous wedding rehearsal!


Episode 8 - Talking Loud and Clear

Lofty changes the way he acts to impress newcomer Cherry. But his plans are ruined when Whizzer shows up on the build.


Episode 8 - Whizzy Dizzy

The team are building a new workshop for Bob, and Dizzy decides to show him how useful she is by being the fastest machine on the job!


Episode 8 - Check Up Day

Curtis carries out a routine machine check up and Scoop wants to do well, but a sudden realisation causes Scoop to worry that he won't attain top marks.


Episode 8 - Scoop's Scoops

When Bob's team try to fix Chef Tattie's restaurant and ice-cream freezer after a storm, Scoop decides to give all the ice-cream away!


Episode 8 - The Dash Lightning Experience

When a container full of movie props intended for Dash Lightning's fun ride goes missing, Muck must track them down and get them to the right place.


Episode 8 - Wind and Shine

Bob and the team are asked to build a wind farm to power the Sea Life Center, but Scoop becomes overambitious and causes damage to some of the turbines.


Episode 8 - Crane Pain

Anxious to impress Tiny, Lofty tries to lift materials that are far too heavy for him!


Episode 8 - Training Day

At the skyscraper site Bob sets up a series of games to help the machines develop their teamwork skills. But when Shifter spots Gull nearby, he imagines that he is going somewhere exciting and follows him out of the site. Soon Shifter gets stuck but Lofty, Scoop and Muck manage to rescue him using the skills they've been working on with Bob.


Episode 9 - Snow Fall

Bob and Scoop and Wendy and Muck form two teams in order to build two hotdog stands outside the stadium. Scoop misinterprets Bob and Wendy's friendly rivalry as fierce competition and becomes over excited about finishing first. In too much of a hurry, Scoop damages Wendy and Muck's stand.


Episode 9 - Parrot Talk

Scoop's lack of understanding leads to a flock of parrots escaping their new aviary and he must figure out how to lure them back.


Episode 9 - A Message from Space

When Lofty ends up breaking Mei's new radio telescope, he must use his crane to move it into the right position.


Episode 9 - Bentley's Bones

Mr. Bentley gets his measurements wrong at the Natural History Museum, leaving Bob's team with a dinosaur dilemma.


Episode 9 - Travis Paints the Town

Bob and the machines are painting line-markings on the road. Bob is called away to repair Mrs Potts' garden fence. Spud then sees a way to make mischief! He attaches the line-marking machine to Travis.


Episode 9 - Workshop Makeover

Bob and his team plan a surprise at the garage for Curtis' birthday but when Scoop decides to try to be a mechanic things go through the roof.


Episode 9 - Jumping Muck

Bob is building the jumps for Henry Corner's equestrian cross-country competition. Muck thinks the idea of jumping over things sounds fun. Determined to jump, Muck sneaks away to build his own, but when he tests it out, he becomes stuck. Bob comes to the rescue, and they use Muck's jump to finish the cross-country course.


Episode 9 - Hoist Away

When an out of control boat hoist ends up dangling Scoop over the Marina, Leo realises he may have wired the hoist's remote control backwards!


Episode 9 - TV Or Not TV

Film Director Carl Parker films Bob and the team putting in a new gateway at the racecourse, but Lofty becomes camera shy and causes chaos.


Episode 9 - Tunnel Trouble

Scoop accidentally causes a cave-in on a tunnel build, trapping him and Muck underground. Can they get out before the skyscraper above them collapses?


Episode 9 - Star Attraction

Bob and his crew are building a special area to celebrate local heroes. It is up to Mayor Madison to decide who will be the first recipient of a golden star.


Episode 10 - Playing Ketchup

Shifter assumes that one of the new garages being built in the back yard is for him, but Bob and Wendy have other plans and have forgotten to tell him. When Dizzy offers to share her garage with Shifter she takes it badly that he's not as excited. The two of them fall out until Dizzy realises that Shifter's just terribly disappointed not to have his own garage as he'd hoped. Eventually she talks him round.


Episode 10 - Bob's Badges

Muck is eager to earn more stars from Bob for good work, but he gets carried away and puts the restaurant waiting area build in jeopardy.


Episode 10 - The Big Bang

When an old factory needs demolishing, Bob tells the team that they will need to use explosives and Lofty must face his fear of big bangs.


Episode 10 - Lofty's Playground Problem

On a build to expand the Spring City elementary school, Lofty causes trouble when he tries to save part of a kids' playground without telling Bob.


Episode 10 - Captain Bentley

When Bob and the team restore an historic ship, Mr. Bentley causes it to drift away with only him on board. Once again it's Bob to the rescue!


Episode 10 - Travis and Scoop's Race Day

Scoop and Travis decide to have a race to find out who is fastest? Bob prepares the racecourse. Spud wants Travis to win so he tries some sneaky sabotage to keep Scoop back!


Episode 10 - Muck on Ice

As Bob and his team are building an ice rink, Muck decides that he would like to try it out for himself.


Episode 10 - Dino Park

Bob and his team set to work on a new Dinosaur Park attraction, but things take a turn for the worse when Muck's fear of Dinosaurs causes a big problem.


Episode 10 - Muck Mucks About

Bob and Co. are at the Zoo replacing Bella the elephant's enclosure. Muck hides inside the elephant house to surprise Scoop but instead of jumping out on Scoop he jumps out on Bella, which alarms her. Muck role-plays as an elephant, managing to calm the shocked animal down.


Episode 10 - Bob's Detective Squad

An author is opening a library but Rocky loses her new book. Rocky is inspired by the author's detective novels to track down the missing book.


Episode 10 - Pop Up Shops

When Bob and the team build pop-up shops out of shipping containers, Scoop decides to be an architect and rearrange them into imaginative designs.


Episode 11 - Dog Disaster

Lofty and Dizzy's over-competitiveness leads to them breaking the obstacle course which they're meant to be building, for rescue dogs to train on.


Episode 11 - Ace's Dynamite Movie

Ace's mega-machine-sized ego causes big problems for the demolition and rebuild of Roland's rotting grocery store.


Episode 11 - Naughty Spud

Bob and the machines are finishing Travis' new shed. Spud wants to go apple-picking but cannot reach the apples from the trees. While Bob is working on the shed roof, Spud takes the ladder away. How will poor Bob ever get down?


Episode 11 - Shifter's New Garage

After Scoop has cleared snow from the roads up to the Observatory, Tread shows him some tricks on the slippery surface. Scoop wants to do them too and makes Tread watch, only to see his friend trapped by an avalanche. Without snow chains Scoop cannot reach Tread. Stretch, with his nifty tracks, manages to dig Tread out, but Tread still can't move as he too has no snow chains. Then Scoop comes up with an idea!


Episode 12 - Bridge Over Trouble

Eager to prove he's not the messiest machine on the team, Scoop ruins a demolition job - but they all learn that old things can often be used again.


Episode 12 - Scary Spud

Spud is worried he is not scary enough anymore after he tries to scare Bird. His problems get worse when he loses his turnip nose and it falls into a mole hole. Muck and Dizzy try to help him find a suitable new nose. Will Spud ever be scary again?


Episode 12 - Danger House

Bob and the team build a film set that is designed to fall down as part of a Dash Lightning stunt. Unaware of the purpose of the set Leo spots what he thinks is a safety problem and fixes it, causing the stunt to fail. Then, as Leo is explaining his mistake to Bob, the set unexpectedly starts to collapse around them!


Episode 12 - Can't Runaway Runway

Lofty is so excited that Leo's returning from vacation, he goes onto the newly paved runway and ends up stuck...just when the plane needs to land!


Episode 13 - Bob's Barnraising

Bob and the machines have to repair Farmer Pickles' barn which is in danger of collapsing. Farmer Pickles is gathering the haystacks. Everything has to be done before a heavy storm breaks.


Episode 13 - What's Opera, Muck?

Wendy's putting on a vehicle/people opera, but Muck's loud singing destroys the ceiling of the new opera house! Can the show go on?


Episode 13 - Scoop's Big Oops

Scoop's jealous of the attention Ace is heaping on the bumbling Shifter and decides to compete with him bumble for bumble - with disastrous results.


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