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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Runaway Roley

Bob and the machines have worked hard digging a trench. The next morning Roley sleeprolls out of the yard and causes a trail of destruction all over town! Bob, Wendy and the machines have to guide Roley back to the yard without waking him up.


Episode 2 - Bob's Big Surprise

Wendy is going away to visit her sister. Bob and the machines decide to surprise her by giving her garden a makeover. Mrs Potts was going to look after the office but she phones in sick. Then Bob has to keep going into the office to check the messages.


Episode 3 - Spud the Spanner

Spud decides that he is bored of being a scarecrow. He finds Bob's toolbox and decides to do some of his own fixing. When Muck sees him with Bob's toolbox, Bob and the machines have to stop him before he hurts himself.


Episode 4 - Bob's White Christmas

Bob agrees to dress up as Father Christmas for the local school carol concert. But first he has to help out when Farmer Pickles gets completely snowed up.


Episode 5 - Lofty to the Rescue

Scoop, Muck and Lofty are working near a bridge. Lofty always has to go the long way round because he can't cross the bridge because of his fear of heights. When Spud sees him pass, he follows him and decides to get up to some mischief!


Episode 6 - Dizzy's Birdwatch

Bob and Lofty come across a bird's nest with an egg in it. Wendy explains that they can't move the nest. Dizzy volunteers to watch it. When the egg hatches, Dizzy doesn't want to leave.


Episode 7 - Wallpaper Wendy

Bob volunteers to decorate Mrs Broadbent's new apartment when the decorators let her down. He has never done a decorating job before and ends up making a complete mess!


Episode 8 - Dizzy's Statues

Bob is taking care of two jobs at once - putting up bollards around the town hall and putting up Mrs Potts' garden statues. Dizzy decides to help him out but gets very mixed up!


Episode 9 - Tea Set Travis

Bob, Wendy and the machines are picking up everyone's rubbish for recycling. Farmer Pickles is having a clear-out and he asks Travis to look after a very old tea set. Spud asks Travis to play hide and seek with him.


Episode 10 - Wendy's Big Match

Bob is getting ready for a Brightest Building Yard competition while Wendy and the machines are turning an empty field into a Soccer Field. But when Spud kicks a ball at Wendy, the line-marking machine makes a mess and he is ordered to clean it up.


Episode 11 - Clocktower Bob

Bob is repairing a clocktower. Lofty tries to lift his toolbox onto the scaffolding, but carelessly knocks the ladder over! Then a bat flies out of the belfry and frightens Lofty and he goes off, leaving poor Bob stranded on the scaffolding.


Episode 12 - Wendy's Tennis Court

Bob, Wendy and the machines are building a tennis court. Bob takes care of the umpire seat and the scoreboard, whilst the others lay the green tar surface. Travis and Spud arrive to put up the net, but the net proves too heavy for Spud.


Episode 13 - Pilchard Goes Fishing

Wendy decides to clean out the fish tank and moves Finn into a bucket of water. Muck comes back to the yard for some cement and accidentally crashes into the lean-to garage!


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