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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Bob's Boots

Bob recieves a new pair of boots. They squeak at first, attracting the attention of some mice. Meanwhile, Spud challenges Bird to a race and helps himself to the contents of Bob's lunchbox.


Episode 2 - Mucky Muck

Bob brings Scoop and Muck to the yard, both machines covered in mud. Bob decides to give them a wash down. But Muck doesn't want to be washed down - he loves being mucky!


Episode 3 - Bob's Day Off

Bob attempts to take his day off to photograph the rare Blue-Crested Warbler. However, the computer breaks down and Wendy has to call him to take care of some urgent jobs. Will Bob get his chance to photograph the Blue-Crested Warbler?


Episode 4 - Magnetic Lofty

Mr Bentley has organised some town improvements. Wendy is to turn an old railway line into a cycle path and Bob is to turn an old rubbish dump into a park. Lofty has been equiped with a magnet to remove the old rails.


Episode 5 - Roley's Tortoise

Bob, Wendy and the machines are building a bus stop. Roley is enraptured by a tortoise he nearly runs over and names it Timmy. Dizzy finds out that it belongs to Mrs Potts.


Episode 6 - Special Delivery Spud

Bob and Wendy both secretly order new saws for each other. However, the next day Mr Dixon's delivery van breaks down. Spud sees it as a chance to show everyone how useful he can be and takes one of the sacks. Unfortunately Spud can't read.


Episode 7 - Pilchard's Breakfast

Bob, Wendy and the machines are building a new conservatory for Mr Beasley. But they forget to feed poor Pilchard her breakfast! Pilchard then has to fend for herself to find someone to feed her.


Episode 8 - Scoop's in Charge

Bob and Wendy have attended a lunch at the town hall. They leave Scoop in charge of finishing the Mayor's garage. However, when Mr Bentley arrives to inspect the work, Scoop gets too big-headed and accidentally crushes Mr Bentley's gold watch!


Episode 9 - Muck's Sleep-Over

Bob and the machines are working at a tunnel overnight. Muck is staying overnight at the farm with Travis. However, he gets scared of the dark and Spud's scary noises and runs away and goes missing.


Episode 10 - Trailer Travis

Travis has to deliver a load of gravel. Scoop offers to help him and Spud gets a ride aboard. However, Spud unhooks the trailer to give Travis a rest and rolls away! Meanwhile, Wendy and the machines are putting up a signpost at the crossroads.


Episode 11 - Spud and Squawk

Spud is having trouble trying to shake off a persistent crow who is following him everywhere. He gets a fast ride aboard Travis to try and blow the crow off. But when he swerves to avoid Muck, the load spills!


Episode 12 - Scoop Has Some Fun

During a break Spud persuades Scoop to help him play some tricks. When Scoop goes back to work Spud frightens Lofty so much that he falls onto his side. When Spud goes for help, Scoop thinks it's just another trick. Luckily Bob decides to make sure.


Episode 13 - Dizzy's Crazy Paving

Wendy and the machines are building a new path for Mrs Potts. Mrs Potts won't let Roley work on the path because she is worried he will crush the flower beds. Roley feels hurt but feels better when supervising Wendy with the hand-roller.


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