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Episode 1 - The Rare Bird

Back in Yoorana, James struggles to balance being a new father with his responsibilities of protecting the Risen from ever increasing danger. His investigation of Elishia Mackeller turns up new revelations and even greater questions as the pressure on him builds.


Episode 2 - Two Truths

Kate starts a new relationship causing tension with James when they interrogate Elishia. Meanwhile Heysen tells a very different story to Elishia's and convinces William to undergo some experiments.


Episode 3 - All Too Human

After James confesses to her, Sarah confronts Kate. Unaware of the merciless predator closing in on her, Elishia reveals the truth of her connection to William as the boundary continues to threaten the Risen.


Episode 4 - A Duty of Care

James and William search out Elishia's killer as the Risen, feeling the noose tighten around them, refuse to play dead. Kirstie has a revelation about her murderer while Paddy tries to make amends.


Episode 5 - The Walking Wounded

Still under threat from an unknown vicious killer, the Risen begin frantic attempts to find their answers to their questions before it's too late. Meanwhile Heysen and William continue their work at Noregard and Charlie's glitches give him an answer he's been looking for.


Episode 6 - The Letter

With the boundary shrinking, the Risen, who are now being pursued by two lethal threats, must find sanctuary. Heysen recreates Elisha's experiment and the hunt for the Risen becomes a desperate fight for life.



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