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Episode 1 - Flushed Into an Alternate World!

When ordinary high school student Yuri Shibuya defends a classmate from some bullies, he winds up dunked in a toilet that somehow transports him to a strange land.


Episode 2 - Duel! Pretty Boy vs. Baseball Boy

After a heated exchange over an insult to his mother, Yuri discovers he's mistakenly proposed marriage... to Lord Wolfram!


Episode 3 - Yuri Shibuya! I AM the Demon King!

When Gwendal and Conrad go off to protect a village under attack, Yuri learns the truth of the battle and resolves to become the Demon King to put an end to the fighting.


Episode 4 - What's Next? The Ultimate Weapon!?

Having returned to Earth, Yuri resumes his normal life and returns to baseball practice, while his mother reminisces about the past.


Episode 5 - Sailors and a Spoiled Brat

While enjoying a party at sea during a trip to Van Da Via Island, the ship is attacked by pirates, forcing Yuri to unleash his magic once again...


Episode 6 - The Terror of Morgif, a Man-Eating Demon Sword

Arriving on Van Da Via Island, Yuri and the others hear of a tale of a cursed hot spring and believe it could be where they'll find Morgif, the Demon Sword.


Episode 7 - Runaway? Stray? Demon Sword in Motion!

Josak fools Yuri into a fight to the death to power up Morgif by absorbing souls, but his opponent is Rick, the young apprentice from the ship!


Episode 8 - Moonlit Plot

With Yuri back on Earth once more, Stoffel, former regent to the previous Demon Queen, begins to hatch a plan to demonstrate how much Yuri will need him.


Episode 9 - Stolen Treasure

Everything appears quiet despite the commotion the night before, but it's soon discovered that the gem of the Dragon King was stolen from the crown in the treasure room!


Episode 10 - The Hand of Evil Looms Closer!

Stoffel and Raven begin the next phase of their plan when Yuri investigates the theft of the gem, forcing Conrad and Wolfram to come to his rescue! 


Episode 11 - The War Begins in the Alternate World

Having captured Yuri, Stoffel tries to convince him to join his side, but Josak sneaks him out as two armies prepare for battle...


Episode 12 - Chains of Love and Destiny

While on a trip to find an imposter Demon King, Yuri, Conrad, and Wolfram come across Gwendal, and an encounter with a Sand Bear separates the group into two pairs.


Episode 13 - The Bride, Yuri and Gwendal

Arriving in Svelera, Yuri and Gwendal meet a runaway bride who reveals she has the Demon Flute, but when Yuri tries to use it, it doesn't work!


Episode 14 - Yuri Does Heavy Labor

Gwendal and Yuri are put on trial over their "relationship" and when Yuri is unable to harm Gwendal to save himself, he is sentenced to hard labor.


Episode 15 - Rainfall in the Desert

With Norika reunited with her son, Yuri discovered the other piece of the Demon Flute and decides to see what it can do.


Episode 16 - The Demon King Case File!

Yuri heads into a city after hearing of a stolen demon stone, finding ii in the hands of a poor family that have been using it to earn money for food.


Episode 17 - I am Remarrying

After announcing her intention to marry Raven, Celi's past and her connection to Raven and Stoffel is revealed, while Yuri and the others are invited to a celebration.


Episode 18 - In the Name of Love

The castle's guest house has been taken over by monsters, so Yuri, who wants to get a night of peace away from Wolfram, resolves to clear it of the unwanted guests.


Episode 19 - Hero vs. Demon King (part 1)

Deciding he wants to see a dragon, Yuri sets out with Wolfram, Conrad, and Günter travel to a preserve where they discover dragon poachers.


Episode 20 - Hero vs. Demon King (part 2)

After his defeat in battle, the poacher reveals his name to be Alford, who explains his motivation to fight Yuri while ...


Episode 21 - The Dangerous Visitor

During a visit from Nicola, someone arrives at the castle claiming to be Yuri's illegitimate child!


Episode 22 - The Man of Fate

Despite his twisted ankle, Yuri takes Greta into town and gets captured by some thugs.


Episode 23 - The Race of Flames

Yuri and the others attend a race between rare animals, where Yuri puts himself on the line against Vullion to restore the freedom of the western area!


Episode 24 - Unforgivable

Having returned to the Demon Kingdom, Yuri learns from Gisela what happened twenty years ago with Hube and a woman named Julia...


Episode 25 - Past and Future

Hube attacks Yuri once again, and this time, Gwendal will see to it that Hube dies for his crimes! Will Hube survive to see the birth of his child?!


Episode 26 - The Full Circle of Life

With Yuri back in the human world once more, Conrad reminisces about his mission to deliver the soul of the next Demon King to Earth.


Episode 27 - Conrad's Arm

Human unrest in the Demon World is leading to a potential war, pulling Yuri back from Earth. But this time, he wasn't summoned by Conrad and the others! Who is behind this?


Episode 28 - Atrocious Reunion

Now that Murata is in the Demon World has well, Yuri brings him along as they meet the owner of a castle in the hopes of returning to the Demon Kingdom.


Episode 29 - Chilling Overture

Traveling from Caloria to Big Cimaron, Yuri, Murata, and Lady Julia are attacked by Small Cimaron as Josak reveals his presence!


Episode 30 - A Forbidden Box

Captured by Big Cimaron, Yuri learns of the four Forbidden Boxes and the tremendous destructive power that they hold...


Episode 31 - The Ends of the Earth

Maxine intends to open the box using Conrad's arm as the key, but Murata warns of the consequences of using the wrong key! 


Episode 32 - The Locked Memory

Yuri confronts Murata about who he really is while the people of Caloria agree to receive help from the Demon Tribe.


Episode 33 - Run For It! The Snow Sled Race

The quadrennial Ultimate Tournament is approaching and Yuri proposes forming a team to win back The End of the Wind despite Big Cimaron's rigging of the games.


Episode 34 - Hot Battle Coliseum!?

The tournament begins and Lady Flynn is captured for ransom to force Yuri's team to forfeit the battle!


Episode 35 - Snow Covered Earth

With Lady Flynn's rescue, Yuri prepares for his fight, but his resolve is shaken when he discovers who he's facing...


Episode 36 - Farewell, Conrad

Big Cimaron's King Belar declares Yuri's team disqualified and awards the win to his own country.


Episode 37 - Whereabouts of the Boxes

While Yuri tries to convince Murata to return him to the Demon World, Big Cimaron has located another Forbidden Box!


Episode 38 - Günter vs. Conrad

Heathcrife helps Yuri and the others travel to a land called Fransia, where the next box is located, but Fransia's king refuses to pick a side...


Episode 39 - Your Name is Demon King

After hours of chasing down the box, Yuri and the others track it to an old training ground, but are they walking into a trap?



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