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Episode 1 - Series 1 Episode 1 Something Rich And Strange

In one day successful city lawyer, Laura Gibson's world falls apart. Laura grabs at a position as magistrate in a small coastal town and with two bewildered kids in tow sets off to change their lives forever.


Episode 2 - Series 1 Episode 2 Full Fathom Five

Laura's first days in Pearl Bay are a far cry from life in the city she has left behind. As the new magistrate she flounders, ill-equipped to deal with the idiosyncrasies of local residents.


Episode 3 - Series 1 Episode 3 A Matter Of Taste

Meredith's niece, Carmen, breezes into town and announces she's not only pregnant but also facing criminal charges for obtaining goods by deception as a restaurant reviewer.


Episode 4 - Series 1 Episode 4 The Official Story

Laura's puzzled by the town's attempts to guide her judgement when faced in court by an admired resident who turns out to have a very shady past.


Episode 5 - Series 1 Episode 5 The Fellowship Of The Suit

Laura's sister, Trudi, visits Pearl Bay to heal the rift caused by her affair with Jack. Her attention is diverted to Dan who may well fall for her charm as every other male in town appears to have.


Episode 6 - Series 1 Episode 6 One Of The Gang

Diver Dan gives Laura some tips on how to become accepted in Pearl Bay, but Laura decides that in court she has to be her own woman.


Episode 7 - Series 1 Episode 7 Stormy Weather

With the kids away in camp, Laura's thoughts turn to a quiet dinner with Diver Dan until Dan's wife turns up suddenly in Pearl Bay.


Episode 8 - Series 1 Episode 8 My Own Sweetheart

Laura becomes increasingly convinced that she is living alone in a world made of couples - the arrival of an invitation to the annual magistrate's dinner-dance spurs her to bite the bullet and invite Dan.


Episode 9 - Series 1 Episode 9 Balls And Friggin' Good Luck

Pearl Bay is devastated when one of its teenagers dies in a car accident.


Episode 10 - Series 1 Episode 10 The Accidental Activist

Laura is introduced to the magic of Brabey Point - a local 'parking spot' where legend has it, strange things happen - especially when it comes to romance.


Episode 11 - Series 1 Episode 11 Love Me Or Leave Me

Justice is played out on stage by the Pearl Bay Dramatic Society and in Laura's courtroom.


Episode 12 - Series 1 Episode 12 Perchance To Dream

Old feelings reawaken in all the Gibsons, exacerbated when Laura is offered a tempting job by her old firm.


Episode 13 - Series 1 Episode 13 Sex, Death And Bridges

Pearl Bay is going to change forever. Bob's dream to open Pearl Bay to the outside world is about to be realised. (Final)



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