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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Series 2 Episode 1 If Fish Could Fly

Post-mortems on a Pearl Bay storm leave Laura facing a legal quandary and Bob Jelly with an invitation to quit.


Episode 2 - Series 2 Episode 2 Vaya Con Dios To All That

Laura and Dan grapple with their relationship while Rupert embarks on a campaign to get his parents back together.


Episode 3 - Series 2 Broken Hearts And Crustaceans

There's an outbreak of broken hearts in Pearl Bay - on both sides of the bench.


Episode 4 - Series 2 Episode 4 Sink Or Swim

Bob Jelly's community bank goes belly upwards and Bob faces the same fate.


Episode 5 - Series 2 Episode 5 Head For Water

Pearl Bay goes through a period of mourning - for a wife, a dog and a sandbar.


Episode 6 - Series 2 Episode 6 The House That Jack Built

The town is being terrorised by monster crabs, let loose in suspicious circumstances.


Episode 7 - Series 2 Episode 7 Looking Forward To The Past

Bob Jelly sells out one of Pearl Bay's most revered traditions to a commercial sponsor and an old girlfriend of Angus's drives into town.


Episode 8 - Series 2 Episode 8 Manna From Heaven

An ominous dream of Kevin's looks like coming true when a mysterious woman arrives in Pearl Bay; Meredith's phenomenal memory fails her; and the locals hide a guilty secret from the past.


Episode 9 - Series 2 Episode 9 Playing With Fire

Pearl Bay is having a heatwave and passions are rising with the temperature.


Episode 10 - Series 2 Episode 10 Not Such Great Expectations

It's vocational guidance time for the younger citizens of Pearl Bay. Bob wants Craig to follow his footsteps into the glorious career that is real estate.


Episode 11 - Series 2 Episode 11 Kitty Litter

Harold is asked to defend his estranged wife who is facing an assault charge following a dispute over a cat.


Episode 12 - Series 2 Episode 12 Other People's Opinions

Laura and Max discover that it can be hard to have a secret in a place as small as Pearl Bay.


Episode 13 - Series 2 Episode 13 Law And Order

There is an outbreak of lawlessness in Pearl Bay. (Final)



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