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Episode 1 - Series 3 Episode 1 Best Laid Plans

After countless setbacks, it seems that Pearl Bay is ready to face the future with renewed vigour. The town is thrown together in a fight to save MacGettigan's boatshed.


Episode 2 - Series 3 Episode 2 How Much Greener Was My Neighbour's Valley

Sergeant Grey is beside himself about the insanity about to unfold. Relationships will be destroyed and the streets will become boxing rings... the annual CFA Dance has always ended in tears.


Episode 3 - Series 3 Episode 3 Hungi Jury

There is trouble in the ranks of the Pearl Bay Football Club's women's auxiliary and Max and Carmen's squabbling takes a personal turn.


Episode 4 - Series 3 Episode 4 Bonfire Of The VCRs

Laura finds it difficult to forgive Max while a boycott of Port Deakin sees the town struggle to uphold utopian principles.


Episode 5 - Series 3 Episode 5 Pipeline

Laura is tired of being let down by the men in her life and then Warwick Munro arrives. Employed to review the effectiveness of the magistrate's court, he is also handsome, affable and velvet voiced.


Episode 6 - Series 3 Episode 6 Adversely Possessed

Warwick Munro has prolonged his stay in Pearl Bay, but no-one seems to mind. Miranda's interest in journalism increases, fancying herself as a prime candidate for a cadetship at 'The Oyster'.


Episode 7 - Series 3 Episode 7 Blowing In The Wind

A strange wind blows into town, leaving the locals unsettled with a couple of visitors - Tama, a Pacific Island prince and Mad Girl Madigan, a renegade sailor.


Episode 8 - Series 3 Episode 8 I Name Thee Bay Of Pearls

Laura's mother visits Pearl Bay during a geriatric traffic crime spree. Max spends more time with his Dad and learns of Pearl Bay's textured history.


Episode 9 - Series 3 Episode 9 Eminent Persons

The Port Deakin councillors sacked earlier under accusations of fraud and money laundering are finally brought to trial before Laura.


Episode 10 - Series 3 Episode 10 Checks And Balances

Kevin's sister arrives in town to settle an old debt as Meredith and Angus keep their lovers in check.


Episode 11 - Series 3 Episode 11 Love In The Time Of Coleridge

Laura is on a one-way track to the altar - she's made her commitment and is standing by it. No amount of doubt on Miranda's behalf is going to dissuade her.


Episode 12 - Series 3 Episode 12 To Thine Own Self Be Relatively True

Laura wakes up in Max's bed and is immediately wracked with guilt. Determined as she is to tell Warwick what has happened, the moment seems to constantly elude her.


Episode 13 - Series 3 Half Life

Episode 13 Half Life



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