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Episode 1 - Isaac and Ishmael

The premiere episode of the third season of "The West Wing" deals with some of the questions and issues facing the world in the wake of the tragedies that recently occurred in America.


Episode 2 - Manchester, Pt. 1

Bartlet announces that he intends to seek reelection. Storms complicate a Haitian rescue mission. Bartlet and his staff travel to New Hampshire to work on campaign matters.


Episode 3 - Manchester, Pt. 2

Bartlet refines his speech for a major reelection announcement, while his staff works uneasily with a heavyweight political strategist.


Episode 4 - Ways and Means

When a fearless special prosecutor begins investigating Bartlet's failure to disclose his illness and issues subpoenas to the White House staff, C.J. cunningly reveals clues to the press.


Episode 5 - On the Day Before

As a State Department dinner nears, Bartlet boldly vetoes the "death tax" bill, but his staff must scramble when they learn that the House of Representatives has enough votes to override the veto.


Episode 6 - War Crimes

After a church shooting, Bartlet asks reluctant Vice President John Hoynes to speak at an antigun rally in Texas, but the uneasy allies confront each other in a starkly frank showdown.


Episode 7 - Gone Quiet

When an American spy submarine suddenly loses contact with the U.S. in hostile North Korean waters, a concerned Bartlet receives advice from Assistant Secretary of State Albie Duncan.


Episode 8 - The Indians In the Lobby

While Bartlet worries about where he will be on Thanksgiving--and how to best cook a gourmet turkey -- C.J. meets with two Native Americans, Maggie and Jack, who are camped in the White House lobby.


Episode 9 - The Women of Qumar

At Abbey's urging, Josh meets with a powerful women's caucus over the proposed language of a United Nations treaty banning prostitution.


Episode 10 - Bartlet for America

Leo fears the worst when he testifies in the congressional investigation into Bartlet's lack of public disclosure about his illness.


Episode 11 - H. Con-172

Leo defiantly rejects the Congressional Oversight Committee's offer of a public censure of Bartlet that would finally bring an end to the investigation.


Episode 12 - 100,000 Airplanes

While the White House staff works intensely on Bartlet's crucial State of the Union speech, Bartlet suddenly demands the inclusion of a passage that promises a crusade to cure cancer.


Episode 13 - The Two Bartlets

Bartlet and his staff ponder whether or not to counter a fast-rising Republican presidential candidate's verbal assault on affirmative action.


Episode 14 - Night Five

Bartlet consults a psychiatrist, Dr. Stanley Keyworth, for a troubling sleep disorder and receives a sobering personal assessment.


Episode 15 - Hartsfield's Landing

Bartlet engages both Sam and Toby in intricate chess matches that mirror the wily game of brinksmanship that Bartlet is playing with the Chinese, who are conducting war games in the Taiwan Strait.


Episode 16 - Dead Irish Writers

As Abbey contemplates the likelihood that her medical license will be taken away the following day, she grumpily attends a big White House party for her birthday.


Episode 17 - The U.S. Poet Laureate

Bartlet makes a disparaging comment about a potential Republican nominee after a television interview, not realizing that he is still being recorded.


Episode 18 - Stirred

When a large truck carrying uranium fuel rods crashes in a remote Idaho tunnel, Bartlet's staff prepares for a potential environmental--or terrorist--crisis.


Episode 19 - Enemies Foreign and Domestic

As Sam finalizes the maddening details of Bartlet's upcoming summit with the Russian president, satellite photographs reveal an Iranian nuclear bomb facility built with Russian technology.


Episode 20 - The Black Vera Wang

Bartlet and his staff rush to deal with an anticipated terrorist attack over a broad area. Meanwhile, C.J. has trouble adjusting to being protected by a handsome and capable Secret Service agent.


Episode 21 - We Killed Yamamoto

Bartlet agonizes over whether or not to forfeit the principle of diplomatic immunity for an important Middle Eastern official who is known to be plotting terrorism.


Episode 22 - Posse Comitatus

In the season finale, Bartlet makes a life-or-death decision regarding a foreign diplomat who is a known terrorist.


Episode 101 - The West Wing Special Episode

"The West Wing" blends drama with reality in this groundbreaking documentary episode that includes interviews with former Presidents and White House figures.


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