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Episode 1 - The Secret Journey

After 3 days at the beach for Spring Break, 17 year-old Brittanee Drexel vanishes just moments after texting her boyfriend. When police track her cell phone to an isolated rural area, known for alligators and swamps, her family fears the worst.


Episode 2 - The Beauty Queen Mystery

After spending the day with students, 30-year-old high school teacher and former beauty queen Tara Grinstead vanishes. To investigators, it appears that Tara left with someone willingly - until they discover a glove in her yard containing male DNA.


Episode 3 - Vanishing Bride

After doing laundry at a local Laundromat, 28 year-old Niqui McCown disappears. Six years later, an anonymous tip to police connects a former colleague of Niqui's to an unsolved murder of a different woman. Detectives must see if the cases are connected.


Episode 4 - No Exit

Tanya Rider goes missing after her shift in a grocery store in Bellevue, Washington. Her husband Tom tries filing a missing person's report but is refused because police believe she left on her own. Police later zero in on Tom as their prime suspect.


Episode 5 - Lost Trust

Marina resort owners Liz and John Calvert live the good life. But when they discover money missing from their business account, they meet with their accountant. The next day, they're nowhere to be found. Does their associate know more than he claims?


Episode 6 - Lost Highway

Twenty-two year old Bradyn Fuksa vanishes from his new apartment. When his car is found 700 miles away, Bradyn's parents feel their world turn upside down. But the surprises don't stop there as it's revealed that Bradyn has been guarding a dark secret.


Episode 7 - Danger At Dusk

A single mother takes an evening walk while chatting on her cell with her boyfriend. Suddenly, he hears her scream - begging someone not to take her. Police think she's been abducted - but by who? Eight months later, a potential suspect emerges.


Episode 8 - Mojave Mystery

After six months in the Mojave Desert in 2004, following the custody loss of her children in Texas, 30 year-old April Pitzer is ready to come clean and return home. But when her past comes back to haunt her, the young mother of two is nowhere to be found.


Episode 9 - Unfinished Business

When a 45 year-old CFO's SUV is found abandoned in a state park a day after he leaves his Little Rock home for work one Monday morning, friends and family speculate whether troubles at work over an impending deal are tied to his disappearance.


Episode 10 - Paradise Lost

While shopping for land in Oklahoma, Bobby and Sherilyn Jamison and their six-year-old daughter Madyson vanish. Mystified investigators uncover a series of disconnected leads pointing to drugs, family dysfunction, and even supernatural beliefs.


Episode 11 - Final Prayer

Tim Carney vanishes one morning on his way to morning prayers at his church. After Tim's car turns up by the airport and his bank account is nearly emptied, the Carneys believe Tim may have fled the church and its strict lifestyle, prompting a search.


Episode 12 - Doomed Romance

When thirty-three year-old roofer, Jeramy Burt's car is found torched in a remote desert valley in southern Idaho, three months after he goes missing, text messages sent to his ex-wife about wanting to start a new life are now questionable.


Episode 13 - Gone At 17

When 17-year-old Kara Kopetsky doesn't come home from school one day, her family panics. Foul play is suspected and a series of unsettling clues surface. But the leads grow cold until a month later when another local teenage girl goes missing.


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