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Episode 1 - Running for Her Life

Rachel Cooke, a 19-year-old college student goes out for a jog and disappears. She has no known enemies and no reason to run away. Extensive searches yield nothing. Then, the case grown cold, a new suspect offers a shocking story of abduction and murder.


Episode 2 - Secrets of a Son

Steven Koecher's car is found abandoned near Las Vegas, and no one has heard from him in two days. He's a clean-cut, church-going young journalist, not the type to go missing. There are no signs of violence, and no leads.


Episode 3 - Heavy Metal Mystery

Virginia Tech co-ed Morgan Harrington gets separated from her friends at the Metallica concert in VA and disappears without a trace. Investigators sift through clues that lead nowhere until forensics link Morgan's case to a violent case three hours away.


Episode 4 - Game Over

In October 2007, college student Charlie Allen Jr. is due to meet a friend before a party but never shows up. The day he disappears, he tells his sister people are after him. Is Charlie truly in danger, or is this part of a plan to reinvent himself?


Episode 5 - Missing Valentine

On February 13, 2001, Pat Viola calls her mother to chat. Nothing about the phone call seems odd, but Pat is never heard from or seen again. Her family knows she would never abandon her children, so they suspect Pat was a victim of foul play.


Episode 6 - The Dark Ravine

Mandy Stokes shares her apartment with her younger brother. When she fails to return one night, he figures she had other plans. It is her mother's concern that sparks a search which reveals a bizarre twist - is her son involved in Mandy's disappearance?


Episode 7 - A Father's Quest

Leah Peebles disappears from Albuquerque, New Mexico after recently moving there to make a fresh start. Her parents discover that she started using drugs again and has turned to prostitution. Did Leah run away or was she the victim of foul play?


Episode 8 - Memory Lane

Amber Gerweck's car turns up in Georgia, over 600 miles from her home in Michigan. The missing mother of four is last seen on a store's surveillance video, but it offers no clues. Then, her parents receive the most shocking phone call of their lives.


Episode 9 - Spring Break Nightmare

When Colleen Orsborn skips school to go to the beach, it seems the worst that can happen is a scolding from her parents. But she never returns, so her family calls the police. Sightings of a serial killer lead the investigation down a sinister path.


Episode 10 - Mystery On Lake Seminole

Mike Williams goes duck hunting on a Florida lake and disappears. Some say alligators ate him but his mother isn't buying it. She convinces police to investigate and when they dig deeper, they turn up suspicious evidence of foul play.


Episode 11 - Vanished in Vermont

After moving away from her family's farm and dropping out of high school, beautiful teen Brianna Maitland of Vermont tries getting her life back on track. But, four days after she vanishes, her family is left looking for answers in her abandoned car.


Episode 12 - Midnight Walk

Lily Aramburo left her fiancé's Miami condo at 2 a.m., carrying only two bungee cords. Everyone knows that Lily would not have willingly left her 9-month old son behind, and they begin to wonder if her fiancé is somehow responsible for her disappearance.


Episode 13 - The Wedding Ring

Tina McQuaig, a 27-year-old wife and mother, disappears one day after leaving work. Her car, found days later, leaves no clues - only more questions. Years after the case seems to go cold, a shocking discovery re-ignites the desperate search for Tina.


Episode 14 - Innocence Lost

Jamie Fraley vanished from her North Carolina apartment with no signs of foul play. Detectives learn that her boyfriend's father developed an obsession with Jamie while his son was in prison, but a grim discovery changes the course of the investigation.


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