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Episode 2 - Secret Rendezvous

At midnight, Patti Adkins leaves her shift at the Honda factory and vanishes. Investigators learn of a mysterious relationship and a secret trip that was supposed to happen that night. As clues emerge, detectives piece together a troubling picture.


Episode 3 - Murky Waters

16-year-old Molly Bish arrives at her lifeguard job one morning and minutes later vanishes. The mysterious disappearance has police thinking that Molly drowned, but her mother's intuition leads to an investigation of a suspicious man in a white vehicle.


Episode 4 - The Final Chord

Brian Barton has a successful punk rock band in Seattle, Washington. But Brian suddenly quits the band, breaks up with his fiancée, and disappears. Investigators wonder if he walked away, killed himself, or if his bandmates committed foul play.


Episode 5 - Gone On the 4th of July

After an argument with her boyfriend, 18-year-old Roxanne Paltauf leaves an Austin, Texas, motel on a balmy July evening and doesn't return. With her belongings left behind, family and friends speculate about what could have caused her disappearance.


Episode 6 - Into the Woods

Jeremy Alex races out of the woods towards a house in Northport, Maine. He tells the owners that "bad guys" are after him but runs away before they can get help. Searches for Jeremy yield nothing until 4 years later when an intriguing discovery is made.


Episode 7 - The Darkest Night

Toni Lee Sharpless has some demons in her past, but she's pulled her life together with a rewarding job and an adorable daughter. But a night on the town threatens this stability, sending Toni over the edge and leading to her dramatic disappearance.


Episode 8 - Soul Searcher

After the deaths of her parents, 23 year-old Leah Roberts leaves her North Carolina home on a soul-searching journey. But when her Jeep is found nine days later wrecked and abandoned in a Washington national park, police and family are stymied.


Episode 9 - A Family's Curse

Ray Gricar has made a long career as a District Attorney, prosecuting Centre County Pennsylvania's toughest crimes. However, when he doesn't return from a short country drive, investigators struggle to pick up the pieces.


Episode 10 - The Springfield Three

When Sherill Levitt, her daughter Suzie and friend Stacy vanish from a house one night, the town of Springfield, MO is left reeling. A violent criminal in the area says he knows where the women are buried, which only stirs up more questions than answers.


Episode 11 - A Mother's Mission

Rebellious 18-year old Samantha Bonnell vanishes during a night out with friends. Her mother begins a harrowing search with no help from police. When Samantha's suitcase turns up miles from where she was last seen her mother hopes it isn't too late.


Episode 12 - Lost Hero

Thirty-two year old firefighter and mother Brandy Hall is extremely popular in the Central Florida town where she lives. So when she suddenly goes missing and her truck is found submerged at the bottom of a pond, the entire community is baffled.


Episode 13 - Silent Night

A dedicated mom's minivan is found abandoned with a flat tire just 24 hours after she reportedly left her three kids and estranged husband behind on Christmas Day. Her family worries that 33 year-old Patty Vaughan has been abducted.


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