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Episode 1 - Phoenix Rising

While watching a solar eclipse, Kevin's (Meshach Peters) tutor Wayne (Raugi Yu) bursts into flames, appearing to spontaneously combust. Taggart (Matt Frewer) maintains that solar flares caused by the eclipse, a phenomenon he calls the 'Phoenix Effect' are to blame. Before long, Carter (Colin Ferguson) and Jo (Erica Cerra) discover the charred remains of Dr. Matthew (Stephen Powell) floating in his swimming pool. Henry (Joe Morton) examines the body and determines that the combustion process started in Matthews' frontal lobe, much like a power surge in the body's electrical system. In a race against time, Carter, Allison and Henry must find them and stop the combustion process before it's too late.


Episode 2 - Try, Try Again

The prototype of a personal force field generator goes missing from the weapons vault. Fargo (Neil Grayston) finds the generator in his lab-coat pocket and unwittingly switches it on. Next thing you know, he's floating three inches off the ground, surrounded by an invisible, impenetrable bubble. Fargo soon discovers that there's no way to turn the device off as the force field begins to grow at an alarming rate. Since the force field is feeding off Fargo's energy, Carter suggests that by killing Fargo - stopping his heart for a moment - they may be able to destroy it.


Episode 3 - Unpredictable

Carter's ex-wife Abby (Olivia D'Abo) shows up in Eureka on the eve of Zoe's (Jordan Hinson) sixteenth birthday. Still reeling from her unexpected arrival, Carter (Colin Ferguson) is informed of an incident at the Global Dynamics Spa. He sends Jo (Erica Cerra) to investigate while he and Abby catch up. Eureka's a small town and pretty soon everyone knows that Carter's ex is in the area. Strange changes in the weather, like rain falling in just one spot and a freak snowfall, are precursors to a dust devil that blows through town. As the weather pattern worsens and hurricane conditions form in Eureka, everyone must give their all in what becomes a perilous exercise in applied physics.


Episode 4 - Games People Play

Carter (Colin Ferguson) and Jo Lupo (Erica Cerra) are called to investigate a noise complaint. On arriving at Dr. Babajanian's (Syn Narula) laboratory on the edge of town, they discover that the noise is coming from a contraption with whirling blades, one of which hits Carter in the head. Carter arrives home with a splitting headache and he and Abby (Olivia D'Abo) lock horns. Carter realizes that he must honor their joint-custody agreement and allow Zoe to go and live with her mother. At the station, Carter follows-up with Jo on the Babajanian case. Fargo reluctantly provides Carter with a list of Class Eight projects and Carter is relieved to find that Babajanian is on the list. Although Allison (Salli Richardson) has no idea who Fargo is, she reluctantly accompanies Carter to Babajanian's lab to view the contraption. But when they get there, there's no sign of the device!


Episode 5 - Duck, Duck Goose

Space junk is massing over Eureka, forming a giant debris cloud that threatens to destroy the town and its inhabitants. Carter must find what is drawing it -- and why -- before disaster strikes.


Episode 6 - Noche de Suenos

A toxic waste spill appears to trigger an epidemic of shared dreaming in Eureka. Initially amusing if somewhat embarrassing, this communal dreaming takes a dark turn, when it's discovered that the build-up of a certain neurotransmitter in the dreamers' bodies will ultimately prove lethal.


Episode 7 - Family Reunion

While updating the cryogenics lab, Fargo's grandfather Pierre (Tygh Runyan) is discovered in what was presumed to be an empty chamber. Awakening after 50 years of cryostasis, twenty-five year old Pierre is completely disoriented. He has no memory of entering the cryogenic chamber and Fargo (Neil Grayston) suspects that there may have been foul play.


Episode 8 - E=MC...?

Alison (Salli Richardson) decides to hire Zane Donovan (Niall Matter), a brilliant particle physicist who also happens to be a super-bad-boy who's been expelled from MIT, Yale and Cornell and is wanted by the FBI. Sam Lovejoy (Bill Mondy), Global Dynamics' headhunter, delivers the charming young man to Eureka and Carter (Colin Ferguson) immediately locks him up. Zane responds by using Carter's credit card to furnish his cell and buy lingerie for Jo (Erica Cerra). Stark (Ed Quinn), Henry (Joe Morton) and Alison brief Zane on the reason for his recruitment. They want him as part of the team overseeing an experiment, which if it works, will recreate the first moments of the origins of the universe and potentially rewrite every existing cosmological theory. This 'big bang' could wipe out Global Dynamics if it goes wrong, but as long as the containment field it's encased in retains its integrity there's no real danger.


Episode 9 - Sight Unseen

An abandoned research project on invisibility returns to haunt Eureka. A break-in at the pharmacy in which the only thing missing is polyethylene glycol, starts a chain reaction of strange occurrences. First Zoe's car seemingly collides with an invisible object, and then disappears from its parking spot, only to be crashed into by another car trying to park. Carter consults Allison and Nathan about the polyethylene glycol, only to find that it is a harmless compound used as a base for everything from shampoo to pancake syrup. They, however, inform Carter of a not so harmless compound. Two tons of moon rocks, housed at Global Dynamics and dormant for 40 years, have suddenly begun to change their molecular structure and form radioactive crystals. It appears that the moon rocks are missing Aluminum 26, a highly unstable radioactive element. Carter and Jo go to check on a dog that appears to be barking at nothing, and find a bottle of polyethylene glycol, a plastic bag lined with crystalline residue and a syringe. Henry puts the two things together and realizes that Aluminum 26 and polyethylene glycol are key ingredients in an abandoned formula to create invisibility.


Episode 10 - God Is In the Details

Zoe (Jordan Hinson) and her friends are hanging out at the Smart House when suddenly they are struck speechless. At the GD infirmary, Stark (Ed Quinn) determines that they're suffering from vocal chord paralysis. Carter (Colin Ferguson) investigates and finds a large hole in the skylight at the house, where the glass appears to have melted. While taking a shower, Allison's (Salli Richardson) skin takes on a bioluminescent glow. When Carter asks if there are any active projects at GD dealing with bioluminescence, Allison directs him to Seth Osbourne (Alan Legros), who's been experimenting with botanical and marine cross-hybridization to create bioluminescent specimens. Next thing you know, the water in Osbourne's aquarium turns blood red, and when Carter arrives on the scene, he discovers that the tank has a hole in the glass, similar to the one in the skylight. Whatever triggered Allison's bioluminescence, it is acting like a neurotoxin and starting to shut down her body systems. Stark works furiously to perfect a nerve agent antidote he's been developing but has less than 12 hours to save Allison. At Allison's house, Carter discovers yet another hole melted into one of the windows. Meanwhile, panic sets in as Eureka's citizens lose their voices en masse and the faucets begin to run with blood.


Episode 11 - Maneater

Eureka's air conditioning system is on the blink and Dr. Stone (Richard Cox), the biology systems engineer who designed it is nowhere to be found. Allison (Salli Richardson) is concerned that with the cooling unit down, a methane buildup in the sewers might trigger explosions. Carter (Colin Ferguson) checks in with Taggart (Matt Frewer), finding him in the process of injecting a male Siberian tundra wolf with pheromones to encourage mating. Next Carter visits Dr. Stone's wife Judy (Eileen Barrett), who seems unconcerned, noting that it's not unusual for her husband to spend days in the tunnels. Back at the office, Callie (Sonja Bennett) drops by with Carter's dry cleaning just in time to witness the toilet explode, due to a methane leak ignited by Jo's (Erica Cerra) laser tweezers. A little later, Henry (Joe Morton), who's down in the tunnels trying to resolve the malfunction, calls Carter and tells him to get everyone out of Café Diem, which is about to blow. In the aftermath of the explosion, Jo inexplicably plants Carter with a deep, passionate kiss, which totally confuses them both! Meanwhile, Taggart returns to his lab to find that Wilma, the female wolf, has eaten her mate. Not good for Carter, who notes traces of the yellow dust he found near the bones in the tunnel, in the wolves' cages. On analysis, the powder proves to be a peptide spore capable of affecting the function of the eccrine gland, explaining why both Carter and Stone who were exposed in the tunnels, and the wolves who had a dedicated cooling vent in their cage have been affected. But before Allison, Stark and Carter can move to contain the pathogen, Stone gets the air conditioning system working, sending spores everywhere.


Episode 12 - All That Glitters

A statue of Pythagoras on Main Street turns from bronze to gold. When Carter (Colin Ferguson) asks Henry (Joe Morton) to analyze a sample, Henry informs him that he's been locked out of his lab at Global Dynamics. When Carter asks for access to Kim's (Tamlyn Tomita) lab as well as an unclassified version of Beverly Barlowe's file, Allison (Salli Richardson) tells him that he'll have to make an official request. Then Stark (Ed Quinn) signs transfer papers for a shipment from the Department of Defense that turns out to be Beverly Barlowe -- looking like she's been to hell and back. Beverly has been in solitary at Guantanamo, and Stark has traded evidence against her for the chance to speak to her. At Nathan's request, Alison questions Beverly. She won't reveal what she knows and challenges Alison to protect her by lying to the DOD in exchange for information about the Artifact ... information that could save Kevin's life. Carter and Jo get a lecture on the history and practice of alchemy. Henry determines that a bacterium is what's causing the molecular structure of metal to change and that it's spreading by contact. He then discovers that the bacteria is parasitic and will ultimately destroy its host, thus compromising the integrity of virtually every structure in Eureka. Carter traces the spread of the bacteria back to the bracelet that Lucas made in metallurgy class at Dactylos' studio. By using hydrochloric acid to color scrap metal he found in the studio, Lucas has tampered with Dactylos' incomplete transmutation formula and inadvertently unleashed the 'Alchemist's Curse' triggering chaotic mutation.


Episode 13 - A Night At Global Dynamics

A deadly, flesh-eating bacteria has put Global Dynamics on biohazard alert. As a protection mechanism, Allison's (Salli Richardson) office has plunged a mile underground. Not an ideal situation given that Allison and Kevin (Meshach Peters) are being held captive by Henry (Joe Morton) and Beverly Barlowe (Debrah Farentino) in Allison's subterranean command. Since General Mansfield (Barclay Hope) hasn't been able to make contact with Allison, he appoints Nathan Stark (Ed Quinn) acting director of Global Dynamic (GD) and gives him two hours before all organic matter, including people, in the complex will be 'thermally cleaned'... destroyed, to prevent further contamination. Carter (Colin Ferguson), Stark and Taggert (Matt Frewer) suit up and head back into GD. Meanwhile, Beverly and Henry inform Allison of their plan to take Kevin, who they now know embodies the Artifact and is the conduit for the Akashic Field, which embodies all of the mysteries of the universe. Fargo (Neil Grayston) arrives at the Smart House, where Zoe's party is in full swing, in order to use S.A.R.A.H's computer to access the GD computer. He and Zane (Niall Matter) make contact with Carter, Stark and Taggert, just as the sensors that monitor their biohazard suits show that Stark's has been compromised ... and then a photon array set to protect the facility's lock-down starts firing at them.


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