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Episode 1 - Bad to the Drone

Eureka is threatened by an intelligent drone with "issues" after an anti-missile test. Meanwhile, Eva Thorne, nicknamed "The Fixer," after dismantling and rebuilding several corporations, arrives in Eureka to evaluate Global Dynamics' expenditures.


Episode 2 - What About Bob?

Nathan Stark (Ed Quinn) and Allison Blake (Salli Richardson-Whitfield), annoyed by Eva Thorne's (Frances Fisher) budget cuts, are baffled when they see the costly new lab she has created for Zane Donovan (Niall Matter) until she explains that corporate sponsorships will cover the set-up and marketable discoveries will make it profitable. Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) is visiting Henry (Joe Morton) when he gets an urgent call from Allison. A scientist has gone missing - from a sealed, experimental biosphere which has been isolated in an artificially created and maintained underground ecosystem for 11 years.


Episode 3 - Best In Faux

Carter (Colin Ferguson) is proud that Zoe (Jordan Hinson) has been invited into the accelerated physics program. Zoe fears she will have no life but physics. Zoe is not the only one feeling pressured. The annual dog show is coming up and, as Jo Lupo (Erica Cerra) tells Carter, competition is ruthless. The dogs are biomimetic and the prize goes to the inventor who can build the most life-like entry. Carol Taylor's (Gabrielle Rose) Fifi was Best in Show for the last two years. She wants a third win but faces serious competition from Dr. Anne Young (Lexa Doig) and Thunder. When the dogs meet, Fifi falls apart – literally. Surprisingly, Eva Thorne wants Carter to investigate this mishap. While Jo and Carter investigate a possible lab break-in, the building shakes violently. Oddly, only Carter experiences this earthquake. Later, Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) tells him an earthquake in Eureka is virtually impossible. Fargo (Neil Grayston) suggests Carter check with Dr. Hood (Alan Ruck), Eureka's retired geologist, about the apparent quake. Initially, Hood is dubious, but later he erupts out of Main Street in his tunneler and says pressure is building somewhere beneath Eureka. He begins to investigate as Carter goes back to the destroyed dog case and immediately finds a second biomimetic victim. Another earthquake brings Allison, in the midst of her wedding preparations, and Carter to a field where Dr. Hood correctly predicts a mud geyser. Now even Stark concedes the existence of a magma pocket under the town. In their own version of "Journey to the Center of the Earth," Carter and Stark tunnel under Eureka in a desperate bid to release the deadly pressure.


Episode 4 - I Do Over

Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) is getting married today and the morning does not go well for Carter (Colin Ferguson). His shower is cold; he cuts himself shaving and spills ketchup on his uniform. Next, he faces the unexpected arrival of Lexi (Ever Carradine), his free-spirited younger sister and her two cats. Add allergies to his woes. Carter heads to Global Dynamics where Allison needs help informing more than a dozen employees that they are being laid off. As Carter deals with one of them, Stark (Ed Quinn) and Fargo (Neil Grayston) arrive to supervise the delivery of a powerful new atomic clock. It makes the next employee on Thorne's lay-off list, Leroy Weinbrenner (Nicholas Carella) redundant. He was in charge of maintaining GD's old clock. Weinbrenner's maintenance room is dark and silent so Carter postpones the firing. That afternoon, he goes to Allison's dressing tent and prepares to walk the beautiful bride down the aisle. He is not happy about this marriage but he will play his part for Allison's sake. As the ceremony nears its conclusion, Carter sees a flash and a ripple overhead. Then a rush of cold water douses him. In a moment, he is back in the shower!


Episode 5 - Show Me the Mummy

The loss of Nathan Stark (Ed Quinn) affects people in Eureka in different ways. Fargo (Neil Grayston) is building a memorial to Stark but grief makes him vulnerable to tales of a curse when Eva Thorne (Frances Fisher) brings fame-seeking archeologist Sebastian Marx (Zac Santiago) and an Egyptian mummy to Global. GD's Egyptologist, Dr. Wilding (Adrian Hough), tries to prevent Marx from opening the tomb but Thorne, anticipating huge profits, is determined. Wilding warns them that the curse could signal a real danger but, with a metasomatic ray to protect the tomb's environment, Marx and Thorne press on. In the executive offices, Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) returns to work. Carter (Colin Ferguson) gives her the logic diamond pendant Stark commissioned for her. With a camera rolling, Marx opens the tomb and sarcophagus, revealing Queen Nyota\s mummy. ]Will she rise again?^ he speculates. Thorne, meanwhile, has a question for Henry (Joe Morton) about an old cryptex. Becoming suspicious of her ability to find mysterious things, Henry declines and she turns to Zane Donovan (Niall Matter) for help. Things take a frightening turn when Marx fails to show up at his own book signing. What Carter finds when he goes looking for him makes everyone believe Wilding's dire warnings. Is the Mummy's curse real? And has it been unleashed on Eureka?


Episode 6 - Phased and Confused

Carter (Colin Ferguson) accuses Lexi (Ever Carradine) of being irresponsible when she encourages Zoe (Jordan Hinson) to skip school and attend a yoga retreat. Zoe, in turn, is miffed that her father is running her life. Carter's annoyance extends to Lexi's friendship with Chuck (Mark Hildreth), Eurekas radical recycling manager, and their we are saving the world superiority. Eva Thorne (Frances Fisher) continues searching for . . . something. She persuades Zane (Niall Matter) to work on a very old lock. He does and opens a door into the past and its flawed technology. Unbeknownst to them, he also opens a second entrance to this old military installation and that door is in the basement of the Tesla School. Still angry with her father, Zoe insists that she, Lucas (Vanya Asher), and their friend Pilar (Adrienne Carter) should explore the mysterious corridors. They are deep into the complex and hopelessly lost when they encounter Zane and Lucas makes a mistake that traps them all behind solid steel doors with no source of fresh air.


Episode 7 - Here Come the Suns

The race is on to find a new mayor. Thorne (Frances Fisher) endorses Dr. Herrera (Dean Marshall); Fargo (Neil Grayston) is backing Vincent (Chris Gauthier); and Zoe (Jordan Hinson) is campaigning for Lucas (Vanya Asher). Unfortunately, Zoe's political activism leads her to abandon her science project partner, Kylie (Margot Berner), with unexpected results. While the candidates play politics, Thorne shows Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) a new chemical Zane (Niall Matter) developed. It will keep you cool under even the hottest of temperatures. Thorne professes friendship but will not tell Allison what she hopes to find in the old bunker. While Allison seeks the records that might reveal the truth, Zane and Carter (Colin Ferguson) develop old security camera footage and discover part of the secret. During an all-candidates meeting at Cafe Diem, standard civic issues take a back seat to a uniquely Eurekan problem when a second sun erupts and settles above the town. Zane and Allison quickly realize that someone created the orb but who -- and why?


Episode 8 - From Fear to Eternity

Trust is becoming a rare commodity in Eureka. Jo (Erica Cerra) is unsure of her relationship with Zane (Niall Matter) while Carter (Colin Ferguson) and Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) wonder why Eva Thorne (Frances Fisher) is so secretive about the underground bunker. The bodies that were found there are to be shipped out, by Thorne's orders, before Henry (Joe Morton) can examine them and Thorne has ordered Dr. Hendricks (David Richmond-Peck) to use his mysterious security system to defend the entire area. Carter hopes a photo from the Café Diem collection will supply a clue. Adding to the uncertainty, S.A.R.A.H. suddenly says Zoe (Jordon Hinson) is an intruder and cages her, claiming her DNA has been changed. Lexi (Ever Carradine) thinks this proves having an intelligent house is not very intelligent, but Fargo (Neil Grayston) insists S.A.R.A.H. cannot make a mistake.


Episode 9 - Welcome Back Carter

Things come crashing down - literally - as Carter and Jo have to step in to avert a gravitational disaster.


Episode 10 - Your Face or Mine?

While Carter is isolated in a D.O.D. re-certification test, Deputy Lupo gets to be Acting Sheriff. But she is not acting at all like herself. Someone is slowly stealing her identity -- Eureka-style.


Episode 11 - Insane In the P-Brane

Newcomer Dr. Tess Fontana literally shakes things up in Carters world when she's brought in by Allison to re-open Section Five. But something more dangerous has also been opened. When objects begin moving around on their own, Dr. Drechmeyer is sure poltergeists are responsible. Carter and Tess find the answer - "on the other side" - but they may never get back to share it.


Episode 12 - It's Not Easy Being Green

Tempers and tensions run high as Eureka hosts long-term rival Area 51 in their bi-annual Eureka-fied bowling tournament. When a series of escalating pranks turns deadly, Carter finds himself chasing down a creation of blob-lical proportions.


Episode 13 - If You Build It...

When a mysterious Stonehenge-like structure of stolen scrap and electronics appears in a field, Carter discovers that the towns teens are the unknowing architects. Someone, or something, is controlling them during their sleep. And it appears to be coming from "out there."


Episode 14 - Ship Happens

The return of Henry's ship brings with it a shocking surprise - his former love and partner Kim is on board, a creation of the ship's organic computer. But when electrical anomalies around town become deadly, Carter fears that Kim 2.0 may not have friendly intentions.


Episode 15 - Shower the People

Eureka-fied baby gifts for Allison's shower push the envelope of eco-friendly design - and prove deadly when rival scientists are found drowned where drowning is clearly impossible.


Episode 16 - You Don't Know Jack

Memories define us and Eureka has some doozies. Tess (Jaime Ray Newman) designs "Storycatchers" to capture Eurekans' most important memories for a time capsule, the "Story Nest." While she persuades people at Café Diem to participate, Carter (Colin Ferguson) meets a very pregnant Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) at Global for birthing class. But the facility is about to undergo Sonic Cleaning and they must be sure everyone leaves the building. Carter and Allison find a confused Dr. Bubay (Andrew Cownden) sitting in his lab. He has no recollection of his project, or of his lab partner, Dr. Ashe (Jillian Fargey). When they find Dr. Ashe, she cannot remember Bubay, either. Carter notices a blinking Storycatcher in Ashes pocket. Is there a connection?


Episode 17 - Have an Ice Day!

Change is in the air as Tess Fontana (Jaime Ray Newman) picks up the reins at Global, leaving little time to spend with Carter (Colin Ferguson). Zoe (Jordan Hinson), inspired by helping deliver Allison's baby, takes a Eureka-fied aptitude test to help guide her choice to pursue medicine - and is told that she should pursue robotics. Zoe's disappointed, but Lucas (Vanya Asher) is thrilled. Would that have anything to do with him wanting her to join him at M.I.T.? Meanwhile, Carter and Lupo (Erica Cerra) oversee traffic control for a special delivery by truck - a very long truck. Inside is an ice core drilled from the Arctic, brought in by Zane (Niall Matter) and the project leader - Taggart (Matt Frewer), back from a year-long walkabout.


Episode 18 - What Goes Around, Comes Around

Change is hard; and Carter (Colin Ferguson) is about to get more than he bargained for. Just as his life seems to be going smoothly, Zoe (Jordan Hinson) announces her acceptance into an early enrollment program for pre-med at Harvard. Neither Carter nor Lucas (Vanya Asher) saw that coming. Carter tries his best to appear thrilled for Zoe while Lucas buries himself in his work with Henry (Joe Morgan). While Carter is reeling from the news, new girlfriend Tess (Jaime Ray Newman) reveals that shes contemplating a job offer that will start right after Allison returns - and its in Australia. Worse, she neglected to mention it before they slept together. Ouch. To top it all off, Henry and Lucas analysis of the data downloaded from Kim reveals the approach of "Nemesis" - a neutron star that could reverse the earths poles and bring about the end of the world. Carter is somewhat relieved to learn that this event is about 2,000 years off.


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