Flashpoint Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Business As Usual

The team tests a potential replacement, and then is called to a scene where three men have taken an executive hostage to force an apology.


Episode 2 - The Fortress

A robbery turns into a hostage situation, and Parker struggles to gain the trust of the nanny who may be more involved than first thought.


Episode 3 - Clean Hands

The SRU is tasked with the transfer of a serial killer being flown in from another country, but the job is beset by a hostage situation.


Episode 4 - Aisle 13

When two desperate teenagers take hostages in a store, Parker uses a risky maneuver to reach one of them through the other.


Episode 5 - The Perfect Family

The team finds themselves in a high-speed pursuit after biological parents reclaim their baby from the adoptive family.


Episode 6 - Remote Control

The SRU steps in when a man attempting to steal money to clear his brother’s debt with a gang decides to take hostages of his own.


Episode 7 - Perfect Storm

The SRU races to a high school when a bullied teenager goes on a rampage, but a family member compromises the rescue plan.


Episode 8 - Last Dance

The unit faces ethical decisions when a couple takes a wedding party hostage so that the woman's last request can be fulfilled.


Episode 9 - Exit Wounds

The team sweeps a hospital floor by floor as they try to keep two brothers safe from gang members trying to silence them.


Episode 10 - One Wrong Move

Serial bombs set by an ecoterrorist strain the team's resources and endanger one of the members' lives.


Episode 11 - Never Let You Down

A woman is abducted by a man who believes she's his daughter, and the team must dip into a personal loss while negotiating for her release.


Episode 12 - Just a Man

The SRU are called in to contain a riot at a maximum-security prison and begin to suspect it's all a cover for a daring prison break.


Episode 13 - Custody

A bitter child custody battle sparks a critical incident and the SRU must use a risky "rolling roadblock" maneuver to rescue the children.


Episode 14 - Coming to You Live

Team One must locate and rescue a politician before a vengeful radio shock jock kills him on the air.


Episode 15 - The Farm

A hostage crisis at a gas station is amplified when the hostage-taker reveals that a cult leader is about to kill his followers.


Episode 16 - You Think You Know Someone

After Sergeant Parker is abducted, the team races to find him and uncovers a secret he's kept hidden for 10 years.


Episode 17 - The Good Citizen

After a citizen plays hero by stopping two men terrorizing a bar owner, he goes on a vigilante spree and the team must race to stop him.


Episode 18 - Behind the Blue Line

Sam’s negotiating skills and feelings towards the SRU are tested when he bonds with an ex-soldier who’s booby-trapped an arena.


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