Flashpoint Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Unconditional Love

Team One is called to a gun-buy gone wrong, only to discover the team is in pursuit of a psychopath in the making.


Episode 2 - Severed Ties

Multiple child abductions lead the team to a distraught mother who will stop at nothing to put her family back together.


Episode 3 - Follow the Leader

When a young man caught up in a white supremacist group turns against them, he triggers a deadly retaliation with major consequences.


Episode 4 - Whatever It Takes

After the SRU discovers a high school's dark history, a student threatens to jump off the school's roof while another takes a hostage.


Episode 5 - The Other Lane

When the team must rescue a rogue cop hell-bent on taking down an arms dealer, it discovers a surprising connection to one of its members.


Episode 6 - Jumping at Shadows

Team One must intercept a deadly plan when a crime from the past catches up with a family living on the run.


Episode 7 - Acceptable Risk

In the wake of a horrific shooting at a museum, SRU’s actions and judgments are put under a microscope by an investigator with an agenda.


Episode 8 - Collateral Damage

A man charged with killing his own baby puts his life on the line to get to the truth.


Episode 9 - Thicker Than Blood

A bank robbery leads the SRU to the abduction of an upstanding family man who is forced to pay for the sins of his past.


Episode 10 - Terror

With Jules in jeopardy, Team One faces a double challenge: talking down a delusional man, and preventing an act of terror against a mosque.


Episode 11 - No Promises

Spike discovers his former mentor may be implicated in a tangled case involving corruption, drug dealers and an attempted gang execution.


Episode 12 - I'd Do Anything

Complications arise in a high-risk SRU raid when an informant gets caught in a dangerous game of love, murder and betrayal.


Episode 13 - Fault Lines

A yearly re-qualification becomes a fight for survival as an elite military psychologist sets his sights on breaking up Team One.


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