Inside Amy Schumer Season 4 Episodes

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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The World's Most Interesting Woman in the World

Amy raps for Lin-Manuel Miranda, avoids sex with her boyfriend and loses an eye.


Episode 2 - Welcome to the Gun Show

Amy sells guns, appears on "Game of Thrones" and tries to convince Liam Neeson to bury her loved one.


Episode 3 - "Brave"

Amy wins an Oscar, finds out how to get what she wants and eats pasta from the garbage.


Episode 4 - Madame President

Amy plays the saxophone, tries to buy a shirt and gets elected President of the United States.


Episode 5 - Madonna/Whore

Amy goes on a bus tour, doesn't get laid and has her arm sewn to her face.


Episode 6 - Fame

Amy falls in love with a chef, jumps out of a blimp and has her leg eaten off.


Episode 7 - Psychopath Test

Amy appears on a sitcom, shoots a commercial and has a rough birthing process.


Episode 8 - Everyone for Themselves!

Amy visits her gynecologist, seeks help for her lizard and fears her baby might be an asshole.


Episode 9 - Rubbing Our Clips

Guest host Andy Cohen presents clips from all four seasons of Inside Amy Schumer.


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