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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Pilot

A mysterious teenager, Kyle, is found wandering the streets, who by his actions behaves as a newborn. A psychologist and her family take Kyle in to help figure out who he is.


Episode 2 - Sleepless In Seattle

Kyle tries to figure out why everyone seems to be so concerned about time and the concept of sleeping, while the Tragers try to find a way to cure Kyle's insomnia.


Episode 3 - The Lies That Bind

The mystery around Kyle heats up when the police find a skeleton in the woods where Kyle is found, while Kyle tries to understand why people lie and the difference between a good and bad lies.


Episode 4 - Diving In

Love, lust and romantic feelings are sweeping the Trager household with all three kids involved in their own romantic predicaments.


Episode 5 - This Is Not a Test

The first day of high school is rough for all three kids, while Nicole and Stephen have a run in with Tom Foss.


Episode 6 - Blame It On the Rain

With the on-set of realistic nightmares, Kyle starts to become frustrated with his lack of memories, while Lori tries to ignore her birthday.


Episode 7 - Kyle Got Game

Kyle gets his first experience with team work when he joins the school's basketball team, while Nicole gets closer to connecting Kyle to the murder.


Episode 8 - Memory Serves

As Kyle yearns to know more about his past he, Lori and Declan take a trip to find out more about Professor Kern.


Episode 9 - Overheard

After realizing he has more unusual abilities Kyle decides to continue his search for the truth, which leads to a possible deadly ending.


Episode 10 - Endgame

At the height of Kyle's search, all of his questions may be answered when his "real" parents show up to take him home.



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