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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Prophet

After his long search, Kyle finally gets the answers he has been looking for, while the Tragers deal with Kyle's absence.


Episode 2 - The Homecoming

Kyle's return to the Trager's doesn't go as smooth as he hoped for, while XX begins her own journey.


Episode 3 - The List Is Life

With everyone trying to loose or gain a new label on the "hit list," Kyle struggles with his attempts at being normal.


Episode 4 - Balancing Act

Kyle tries to lead a normal life while hiding his secret from all who love him, but with little success.


Episode 5 - Come to Your Senses

After a break-in at Amanda's house, Kyle decides to catch the thief to get back in Amanda's good graces.


Episode 6 - Does Kyle Dream of Electric Fish?

Kyle contemplates the future after he begins to have visions, while the rest of the Trager family deals with what the future has in store for them.


Episode 7 - Free to Be You and Me

After receiving the warning about Foss, Kyle contemplates who he can really trust and let into his life.


Episode 8 - Whats the Frequency, Kyle?

Few people in life get a second chance to make amends, but with Kyle's help Stephen gets the opportunity when his father has a stroke.


Episode 9 - Ghost In the Machine

Lori's attempt at proving herself goes awry leaving the group in serious danger in the charred remains of Zzyzx.


Episode 10 - House of Cards

Kyle, Declan and Foss come up with a plan to get Kyle's Latnok ring back, while Lori starts to question Stephen’s time at work.


Episode 11 - Hands On a Hybrid

Determined to learn more about Jessi, Kyle uses a local charity event to get closer to her.


Episode 12 - Lockdown

With Jessi on the loose tensions rise in the Trager household, while Kyle debates what to do about her.


Episode 13 - Leap of Faith

Kyle and Jessi go on a quest to learn the truth, while the Trager family tires to piece together Kyle’s past to get some answers of their own.


Episode 14 - To C.I.R., With Love

Kyle finally tells the Trager family the truth, while he and Jessi take on Madacorp.


Episode 15 - The Future's So Bright, I've Gotta Wear Shades

Jessi puts her and Kyle's secret on the line as she struggles with what the future may hold for her.


Episode 16 - Great Expectations

Amanda's surprise visit home stirs up questions for Kyle about their relationship.


Episode 17 - Grounded

Kyle and the Tragers are put under the microscope when a social worker makes a surprise visit.


Episode 18 - Between the Rack and a...

Kyle is torn between obeying Adam's orders to stay close to Jessi and heeding Amanda's plea to stay away from her.


Episode 19 - The First Cut Is the Deepest

Kyle takes Jessi on a trip to learn more about Sarah to make amends, but he soon realizes that the damage may already be done.


Episode 20 - Primary Colors

Kyle starts to experience brain hiccups when he is pulled in too many directions.


Episode 21 - Grey Matters

Kyle and Josh get embroiled in a cheating scandal at the school while Jessi continues to push herself.


Episode 22 - Hello...

Kyle orchestrates a meeting between Jessi and Sarah, while the kids are neck deep in prom planning.


Episode 23 - I've Had the Time of My Life

Prom is finally here and everyone is scrambling to make the night as perfect as possible.



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