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Episode 1 - Killer Attitude

The investigation into a commuter crash in northern Minnesota reveals a troubling pattern of abuse that led to a breakdown in cooperation.


Episode 2 - Deadly Myth

A commuter flight to Detroit ends in a harrowing death spiral.


Episode 3 - Turning Point

Investigators face puzzling questions when a Boeing 767 crashes several miles from South Korea.


Episode 4 - Explosive Proof

TWA Flight 800 explodes over Long Island.


Episode 5 - Lethal Turn

The crash of Garuda Indonesia Flight 152 is the country's worst aviation disaster.


Episode 6 - Storming Out

The pilots blame severe weather after USAir Flight 1016 crashes, but that's only part of the story.


Episode 7 - Caught On Tape

A car's dash cam captures footage of the final moments of TransAsia Airways Flight 235.


Episode 8 - Terror Over Egypt

A plane carrying Russian tourists crashes in the Sinai Desert; terrorists claim responsibility.


Episode 9 - Deadly Discussions

In Buenos Aires, LAPA Flight 3142 staggers until it collapses and explodes in flames.


Episode 10 - The Lost Plane

Thai Airways Flight 311 crashes into the Himalayas, far from its projected flight path.



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