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Episode 1 - Devil

Following his son Connor's tragic death and Uncle Teddy's conviction for murdering the drunk driver who killed him, Tommy continues fighting against his own perilous downward spiral. If his ongoing battle with alcoholism wasn't enough, he must also care for his increasingly difficult father while facing Janet's determination to get a divorce. And on top of it all, when word comes down that smoking has been banned at all the city's firehouses, Jerry's challenge to see who can go the longest without a cigarette forces Tommy to forego the one vice that he has left. After finding condoms in her son's drawer, Sheila asks Tommy to talk to Damien. When he finally does broach the uncomfortable topic, Tommy is stunned to discover that his godson is having sex with his thirty-eight-year-old high school science teacher. But when Tommy tries to ask her to stop, Ms. Turbody refuses to discuss the matter at school as she makes it clear that she knows all about him and his problems. Meanwhile, as Jerry faces an unexpected price increase for his ailing wife's nursing home care, Lou stumbles onto a porn film starring Candy, the con artist who left him broke. As the bet to see who can stop smoking takes its toll on everyone at 62 Truck, Tommy gets word that Janet is ready to settle their divorce. And though he's not sure how he can come up with the money, he agrees to her terms. As one by one the firefighters give in to the urge to have a cigarette, Tommy asks Teddy to make a deal with the D.A., only to discover that his uncle has no remorse for what he did. And after the news that Janet has started seeing someone else pushes him closer to the edge, Tommy finally snaps at the scene of a fire after failing to revive a young girl he tried to rescue.


Episode 2 - Discovery

As he and Sheila plan a birthday party for his dad, Tommy discovers that, unbeknownst to anyone else on their crew, Franco is studying for an upcoming lieutenant's exam. With the ongoing pressure of their work and home lives taking its toll, the firefighters at 62 Truck have a hard time staying true to their pledge to stop smoking. And when Jerry discretely asks for some help to cover the increase in his wife's medical care, Lou reluctantly agrees, even though he's tapped out, too. Meanwhile, Sean tells Franco that he is secretly dating Tommy's sister, Maggie. While out with his crew at a hot Manhattan dance club, Tommy immediately becomes the target of an overly-talkative younger woman, as Mike is encouraged by some friends from his Academy class to apply for a transfer once his probation is over. While Franco is pursued by an older woman with sex on her mind, reeling under the crushing financial pressure of having been fleeced by an accomplished con artist, Lou drunkenly calls his ex-wife to ask for a family heirloom watch that he wants to sell. But when he goes to her house to steal it and is badly cut by some broken glass, Lou begins wondering if his life is even worth living anymore. Meanwhile, as Tommy learns that his daughter Colleen is now a Born Again Christian, and Jerry realizes how hard it will be to move his wife into a less expensive care facility, Sean worries about what Tommy would do if he ever found out that he is seeing Maggie. At the Chinese restaurant where the elder Gavin has insisted his party be held, Tommy tries his best to keep his temper in check, especially after Janet shows up. However, when Tommy inadvertently spots them discretely holding hands underneath the table, he realizes that Janet is seeing his brother Johnny. Enraged, Tommy loses his cool and unleashes a vicious assault, leaving Johnny bleeding and badly injured on the street outside.


Episode 3 - Torture

With Jerry's desperate pleas for money causing friction with Lou, the beating Tommy dished out after learning that his brother is seeing Janet has Sean worried about what fate has in store for him if Tommy were ever to learn that he's dating his sister, Maggie. Troubles also abound for Franco, whose older girlfriend, Alicia, isn't about to let her considerable fortune stand in the way of their relationship. As Jerry sheepishly approaches his ailing wife's estranged brother for help with her medical bills, Franco worries after seeing Lou wandering the streets drunk. Meanwhile, when Tommy demands that she stop seeing his nephew, Damien, Nell Turbody agrees -- but only if he will take the teenage boy's place in her bed. And during a jailhouse visit, Tommy learns that, now that his crime has made him a celebrity behind bars, Uncle Teddy has no interest in ever getting out. Unaware that Tommy and Franco are conspiring to torture him, Sean continues struggling to keep his relationship with Maggie under wraps. Then, after Nell calls to break things off with Damien, Sheila finds a stash of Viagra and roofies hidden in his room and asks that Tommy look into what's going on with her son. As Franco turns to Tommy with his concerns about Lou, when Tommy's refusal to acknowledge any of her calls leads him to miss picking up their daughters after school, Janet threatens to up the ante in their divorce. Meanwhile, Sean is devastated after a horse he rescued following an accident is later killed by a passing bus. Though he comes down hard on Mike after finding him reading a popular book about Buddhist philosophy, Lou's struggle to right his own sinking ship sends him into a bookstore to steal a copy for himself. And when he realizes how much Alicia paid for the watch she gave him as a gift, Franco says that there is no way he can keep it. Finally, after Lou rebuffs Tommy's efforts to reach out to him, Jerry lands a second job at a neighborhood bar. And as Tommy urges Damien to put his relationship with Mrs. Turbody behind him, Mike seeks comfort in the arms of his roommate, Chris.


Episode 4 - Sparks

While hurrying to the aid of a Harlem man, the crew of 62 Truck stops to help an overturned school bus full of private school students. Though the firefighters consider themselves heroes, Jerry is soon lambasted in the press for stopping to rescue the wealthy, and mostly white, children, at the expense of a black man. Unable to continue his cover up, Sean admits that he's seeing Maggie, but is surprised to find out that Tommy has known ever since his dad's birthday party. Yet instead of being upset about their being a couple, Tommy advises that Sean get out of the relationship before Maggie does something crazy. Meanwhile, as Jerry's first day at work finds him cleaning bathrooms instead of tending bar, Sheila insists that Tommy seek out a sperm bank to ensure that the Gavins will have a male heir to work in the fire department. And despite their sexual relationship, Mike and his roommate, Chris, insist that they aren't gay. Though Franco has a hard time finding the words, Alicia makes it clear that, despite his misgivings about their differences in age, income, and social status, she still wants a relationship with him and his daughter, Keela. While most of his friends are struggling to manage just one relationship, Tommy is simultaneously dealing with Janet, Sheila, Maggie, and Nell Turbody. And to top it all off, after agreeing to preserve the family's legacy by using a sperm bank, the sexual demands placed on Tommy leave him too exhausted to do any good. As Sean refuses to heed Tommy's warnings about the problems that lay ahead with Maggie, Lou dismisses any suggestion that he needs to pull himself together. However, after coming within inches of suicide, he wakes Tommy in the middle of the night to ask for help. Finally, after agreeing to a face-to-face meeting with Janet to discuss their divorce, Tommy's phone conversation with Johnny reveals that the seeds of the affair between his brother and his wife were planted when they were in high school. And after his meeting with Janet sparks a violent and passionate sexual affair, Tommy leaves just seconds ahead of his angry brother's arrival.


Episode 5 - Chlamydia

As he's moving Janet out of their apartment and scheming on how to even the score with his brother, Johnny, Tommy tries setting Sean straight about the dangers of dating his sister, Maggie. After tipping Sean off to Maggie's many boyfriends, Tommy suspects he's found just the leverage he needs to make Janet and his brother squirm in Johnny's ex-wife, Angie DeCarlo. But his plans are put on hold when a panicky Sheila announces that not only has Nell Turbody been arrested for having sex with several of her high school students, but that she also gave the boys Chlamydia. Meanwhile, as Lou's financial difficulties lead to some ill-advised bets on a college basketball game, Franco worries that Alicia has kidnapped his daughter, Keela. After promising Franco that he will help find Keela, and then worrying that he may also have contracted a venereal disease from Nell, Tommy engineers a "chance" encounter with Angie. Though she agrees to meet for a drink, once she suspects that Tommy wants to enlist her in a scheme to torment Janet and Johnny, Angie balks at cooperating. Meanwhile, as Mike's gay relationship with his roommate continues unabated and Maggie lambastes Tommy for telling Sean to dump her, Jerry's relationship with Rose blossoms. But when his brother-in-law steps up and offers to help pay for some of Jeannie's medical bills, Jerry's new affair scotches the deal. Aware that Franco is looking for her, Alicia drops by the firehouse, telling Tommy how she's determined to spare Keela from being hurt by her dad's unhealthy relationships with women. Realizing that he's also guilty of setting a bad example for his own daughters, Tommy persuades Franco to consider allowing Keela to stay with Alicia. Finally, as Tommy finds his friendships with both Sean and Franco disintegrating, he's intrigued when Angie has a change of heart about helping with his plot to get back at Johnny and Janet.


Episode 6 - Zombies

Following a bruising street hockey game against the Bronx Brigade that nets 62 Truck four hundred dollars, Sean patches things up with Tommy so that he can get into his stash of painkillers. As the crew argues over what to do with all the money that they have saved, and then worries after learning of a department-wide crackdown on porn at work, Sean mistakenly downs four powerful sleeping pills that are known to cause sleepwalking. Meanwhile, as being with their Uncle Johnny allows Tommy's kids to better understand the destructive effects of their dad's sarcasm and explosive temper, Teddy uses his celebrity to land himself a bride - and conjugal visits -- while he's in prison. At an abandoned warehouse that's a well-known refuge for the homeless, all but the deeply-sleeping Sean head into the dilapidated building where Lou and Franco are saved from certain death by Tommy's reckless heroics. By the time the firefighters return to the station thankful that they made it out alive, Sean has already gone on a sleepwalking rampage at a nearby supermarket. Bullying his way past a cop who's been called to the scene to try and stop him, the somnambulant firefighter then heads for Maggie's apartment where he ends up cold-cocking one of her boyfriends. But when the police and the victims of his assault show up at the firehouse to complain, Sean's arrival in a stolen pet store delivery truck makes it impossible for his buddies to cover for him. On the heels of learning that Sheila is seeing other men, Tommy heads to meet his brother's ex-wife, Angie, to carry out their plan to embarrass Johnny and Janet. Although they are hoping that an amorous public display will inspire a restaurant's gossipy host to alert Janet, she ends up telling Sheila instead. And when Janet does call asking to meet, Tommy is stunned to discover that what she wants is some rough-and-tumble sex. Finally, as Lou turns to his Uncle Red for some advice on how to deal with his problems, Mike is in the dark about his roommate Chris's affair with another man.


Episode 7 - Satisfaction

Tommy and Franco learn about Jerry's side job and decide to give him a hard time. Tommy and Angie go to great lengths to make Janet and Johnny jealous. Sean discovers an unusual way to keep Maggie interested in him.


Episode 8 - Karate

As Tommy continues to battle his depression, he and his crew are stunned after Mike's heroic rescue leaves fellow firefighter John Stackhouse clinging to life in the hospital. Still unaware that he was drugged and raped over his relationship with Angie, Tommy apologizes to Sheila. But his problems mount when, after learning that Mike is looking to transfer to another firehouse, Tommy's breakdown at a hockey game exposes him to a police department rival who also suffers from survivor's guilt and has turned to alcohol to cope. Meanwhile, as Jerry ends his brief affair with Rose, and Tommy begs Angie for another chance, Lou decides to get on with his life after the con artist who bankrupted him is arrested. Though tired of constantly fighting in order to keep her interested, Sean asks Maggie to get married. And as Lou tries yoga to start turning his life around, Uncle Teddy's jailhouse wedding is undone by his fight with his bride's jealous - and murderous -- ex-con former husband. Meanwhile, as Franco falls for an attractive artist he met in a bar and Mike is thrown out of the apartment by his gay roommate, Tommy is less than upbeat upon getting the news of Sean and Maggie's wedding plans. Certain he's been given a tip on a sure thing at the racetrack, Jerry persuades his crew to pitch in on a bet that he hopes will help pay for his wife's medical bills. Even though Mike screws up when he's sent to the local OTB office, his mistake ends up picking a big winner that nets Jerry and company fifteen thousand dollars. Finally, as Franco wonders if he's falling in love with Natalie, and Sean is left to make all the plans for his wedding, Tommy persuades Angie to give him another chance. But when Janet shows up at the apartment looking for sex, in the chaos that follows, Tommy ends up losing Angie and getting beaten up by her ex-boyfriend.


Episode 9 - Pieces

Following a fire at an indoor marijuana garden that sends the drug-addled crew of 62 Truck back to the station to sober up, a visit to the hospitalized fireman John Stackhouse leaves Tommy pondering his own future. Life for most of the other firefighters proves just as challenging when Mike's decision to move out widens a growing rift with his gay roommate, Chris, and a nurse at the hospital suggests that Jerry stop visiting his ailing wife in order to maintain his own sanity. And as Franco wonders what secrets his new girlfriend is keeping from him, Sean claims that marrying Maggie will make him a member of the Gavin clan. Lou's buying a motorcycle and considering leaving the department to join a cousin on his fishing boat in Florida and Franco's preparing for the upcoming lieutenant's exam has Tommy worrying about what will happen to him if the crew he trusts with his life breaks up. So, as Sean seeks Maggie's dad's blessing for their marriage, Sheila looks to ease Tommy's fears by offering to marry him so he can retire on the millions of dollars she received as a result of her husband's death at the World Trade Center. Meanwhile, now that he's married, Uncle Teddy finds that the much-touted conjugal visits aren't as much fun as he had hoped. As Tommy considers Sheila's offer, things at the firehouse become even tenser when, in the wake of Chris' visit, the firefighters discover that Mike has been living with a gay man. But while his partners are virtually unanimous in their revulsion, Tommy surprises everyone by jumping to Mike's defense. Finally, as Franco learns that Natalie isn't living with another boyfriend, but is actually caring for her mentally ill brother, Tommy gets word that Janet and Johnny are expecting a baby.


Episode 10 - Retards

As Tommy continues his grim beside vigil for John Stackhouse, he asks to see Janet, especially now that she's having a baby that could either be his or Johnny's. While Tommy's spirits are lifted by the new Cadillac Sheila has offered in exchange for giving his old truck to Damien, the joy is short-lived when it's stolen. As the merciless ribbing about his sex life prompts Mike to demand a transfer, Tommy's fears about the crew breaking up appear to be coming true. Meanwhile, Franco looks to score points by bringing Natalie's mentally-challenged brother, Richard, to work. When he sees a truck that looks like the one he just lost, Tommy berates his Arab cab driver into trying to follow it before being dropped off at Janet's. Walking in on their violent standoff, Johnny orders Tommy to leave -- and never come back. And when confronted by Jimmy's ghost, Tommy is surprised when he tells him to marry Sheila. Meanwhile, a woman from the nursing home asks Jerry out on a date. After managing to torpedo Mike's transfer, the near-penniless Tommy gets drunk on some pricey Irish whiskey at a bar where he unleashes his anger and frustration before being rescued by Mickey. Back at the firehouse, Franco jeopardizes his relationship with Natalie when, after asking Mike and Sean to watch Richard, they lose him. Finally, as Tommy's dad criticizes him for not being able to hold his life together, Sean worries that Maggie isn't taking their upcoming wedding seriously. And as Jerry finds himself on a date with Karlene, Tommy is both sad and relieved when Stackhouse dies.


Episode 11 - Twilight

Following a pair of tense rescues of a wheelchair-bound quadriplegic and an obese woman impaled on an iron fence, Tommy wakes up to face another day to find that his dad has nearly set the kitchen on fire. After Tommy suggests that his dad might be safer in a nursing home, he gets another big surprise when Lou admits to spending the night with a nun. But Tommy's problems only get worse when Sheila calls to say that his dad has disappeared after leaving a suicide note. Meanwhile, as Franco suspects that Natalie's brother may be faking his mental illness, and Sean asks Maggie to agree to a church wedding, Jerry suffers from performance anxiety when Karlene suggests having sex. While searching for the elder Gavin, Lou is suspicious when Tommy says he's OK with his retiring to work on his cousin's fishing boat. Then, after a thorough search of a host of Irish bars doesn't produce a lead, Tommy finds his dad at the cemetery where his wife, Mary, nephew Jimmy and grandson Connor are buried. And after convincing his dad that he won't send him away, Tommy is intrigued when Lou suggests that the old man move in with his aging Uncle Red. Meanwhile, as Franco gets Richard to admit to his ruse, Sean is upset after Maggie's rude behavior causes a priest to refuse to marry them in the church. When Jerry wants some Viagra before his next date with Karlene, Tommy asks to Sheila to help, unaware that she's about to buy a beach house where they can live together. While Sean tells Maggie that he is calling off their engagement, Mike looks to curb his homosexual impulses by spending the night with Paula. Finally, as Tommy and Lou realize that paring up the two old men in their lives may just work, and Jerry's next date with Karlene ends in disaster when he dies during sex, Johnny is cut down in the line of duty by a trio of gunshots.


Episode 12 - Hell

As Tommy breaks the tragic news of Johnny's death, he's surprised when their dad insists on a funeral that celebrates his late son's life rather than one that mourns his passing. Tommy feels like he dodged a bullet after hearing his dad's reaction. But upon learning that Jerry had a near-fatal stroke during sex, he turns around and blames himself for giving him the Viagra that caused the disaster. And despite hearing phone messages Johnny left before being killed that clearly indicate an approaching reconciliation with his brother, Tommy cannot bring himself to exact revenge on his killer even when given the opportunity. As Ellie's reaction to the news about Johnny leads Uncle Teddy to conclude that he doesn't want to be married, Natalie suspects that Franco's interest in her is due to her uncanny resemblance to his daughter. When Jerry's son, Peter, arrives at the hospital, Mike peppers him with questions about being gay. And as Mike is exploring the possibility that he's bisexual, Sean learns that Maggie never wants to see him again. Meanwhile, as Lou is overjoyed when the nun he's been sleeping with says she's ready to leave the church and join him on his cousin's boat, an emotional phone message left for Johnny helps Janet realize that Tommy still loves her. As the arrival of the Gavins' estranged sister, Rosemarie, surprises everyone at Johnny's funeral, Maggie changes her mind and offers to marry Sean if they do it right there in the cemetery. Then, back at his apartment, Tommy discovers just how much his advice on life meant to Rosemarie. And after promising to take care of Janet now that Johnny is gone, Tommy decides to leave the department when Sheila says that she bought the beach house he liked.


Episode 13 - Beached

The days following his brother's funeral and his sister's wedding find Tommy wrestling with his promises to care for Janet and their kids now that Johnny is dead, and to retire to the beachfront home Sheila has bought for them to start life anew. As Jerry's stroke leads to the appointment of a temporary replacement, Franco enlists Natalie's brother to help him prepare for the lieutenant's exam and Mike considers a ménage a trois with a brother and sister. And as Maggie and Sean are caught having sex on the new chief's desk, Lou tricks Tommy into having dinner with Theresa, the nun whom he is planning to live with on board his cousin's fishing boat. As Tommy soon discovers, the difficulty keeping his promise to care for their kids pales in comparison to what he and Janet are up against when they have to come up with an explanation for her pregnancy. In the wake of his date with Sara and Greg, Mike reconsiders any thoughts of his suspected bisexuality, and things suddenly become even more complicated when Jerry escapes from the hospital and shows up at work. Meanwhile, as failing to complete the lieutenant's exam leads Franco to realize that he isn't really prepared to care for his daughter, a visit to the fishing boat with Theresa convinces Lou that he isn't cut out for life on the water. Though he hasn't said anything about it at work, Tommy goes to file his retirement papers but balks before he's done. Meeting face-to-face to tell Keela that she is better off living with Alicia, Franco learns that she's being sent to a boarding school in Europe. Finally, as Lou tells Theresa that he cannot live on a boat, and Maggie insists on having sex at the firehouse, Tommy's friends change their minds about leaving 62 Truck. And once Tommy reveals that he has to take care of Janet and the kids, an angry Sheila drugs him into unconsciousness during their first beach house dinner and then leaves in a panic after accidentally starting a fire.


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