Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 4 Episodes

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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Best of Both Worlds, Pt. 2

A Starfleet expert on the Borg, Lt. Cmdr. Shelby, is assigned to the Enterprise to investigate the disappearance of a Federation colony.


Episode 2 - Family

While the USS Enterprise undergoes repair, many crew members reunite with their families.


Episode 3 - Brothers

When Data's creator summons him home to be fitted with a computer chip that will give him emotion, their reunion is disrupted by the unexpected arrival of Data's evil brother, Lore.


Episode 4 - Suddenly Human

Picard must decide whether to return a human boy to his birth parents or send him back to the alien father that appears to have abused him.


Episode 5 - Remember Me

When Wesley's experiment with a warp field goes awry, Dr. Crusher is unknowingly catapulted into a universe created by her own mind.


Episode 6 - Legacy

A rescue mission leads the crew to the home planet of their late comrade, Tasha Yar, where they encounter her mysterious sister.


Episode 7 - Reunion

When Picard is chosen to mediate a power struggle between the potential successors to the Klingon Empire, Worf is reunited with his former mate and their son.


Episode 8 - Future Imperfect

After an Away Team Mission goes awry, Riker awakens in Sickbay to find that sixteen years have passed and he is about to negotiate a treaty with the Romulans.


Episode 9 - Final Mission

After being invited to accompany Captain Picard on a final mission before entering Starfleet Academy, Wesley finds himself struggling to keep the captain alive.


Episode 10 - The Loss

While the Enterprise struggles to contend with a mysterious life form, Troi inexplicably loses her empathetic powers.


Episode 11 - Data's Day

While the Enterprise heads toward a secret rendezvous, a friend's upcoming wedding compounds Data's confusion about the nuances of human feelings.


Episode 12 - The Wounded

Picard and the crew must stop a renegade Federation starship that is making unprovoked attacks on a former enemy's ships.


Episode 13 - Devil's Due

Picard fights to save a terrorized planet from a powerful woman who claims to be the Devil.


Episode 14 - Clues

Picard and the crew are shocked to discover that Data is lying to them.


Episode 15 - First Contact

Riker is critically injured and stranded on a developing planet during a first contact mission.


Episode 16 - Galaxy's Child

The Enterprise becomes surrogate mother to a huge alien creature after Picard is forced to destroy its real mother.


Episode 17 - Night Terrors

Trapped in a rift in space, the crew of the Enterprise is plagued by unexplained hallucinations and increasing panic that threaten to destroy them.


Episode 18 - Identity Crisis

Dr. Crusher races against time to fight a parasite that threatens to transform Geordi into an alien creature.


Episode 19 - The Nth Degree

A crewmember is endowed with super human intelligence by an alien probe and threatens the fate of the Enterprise.


Episode 20 - Qpid

Picard's reunion with an old flame is complicated when the mischievous Q intercedes to encourage the romance.


Episode 21 - The Drumhead

A retired Starfleet Admiral begins a witch-hunt for a traitor aboard the Enterprise after a visiting Klingon officer admits to spying.


Episode 22 - Half a Life

Troi's mother fights to stop her lover from participating in the ritual suicide mandated by his society.


Episode 23 - The Host

Dr. Crusher's love is put to the test when she falls for an alien who exists in different "host bodies" in order to survive.


Episode 24 - The Mind's Eye

Geordi is kidnapped by Romulan forces and transformed into a killing machine through mind control.


Episode 25 - In Theory

Data experiments with love by pursuing a romantic relationship with a fellow crew member.


Episode 26 - Redemption, Pt. 1

As civil war threatens the Klingon Empire, Worf's loyalties are torn between the Federation and his people.


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