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Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 5 Episodes

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Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Redemption, Pt. 2

Believing the Romulans are behind a Klingon civil war, Picard involves Starfleet in the conflict.


Episode 2 - Darmok

Picard is forced into a dangerous encounter with the captain of an alien starship.


Episode 3 - Ensign Ro

The Enterprise crew becomes an unwitting pawn in a deadly conspiracy masterminded by a Starfleet admiral.


Episode 4 - Silicon Avatar

The crew of the Enterprise risks all in an attempt to communicate with a destructive force known as the Crystalline Entity before a visiting scientist can destroy it.


Episode 5 - Disaster

Troi holds the lives of the crew in her hands when she is forced to act as captain after the Enterprise is seriously damaged by a rare, natural phenomenon.


Episode 6 - The Game

The fate of the Federation is in Wesley Crusher's hands when he returns to the Enterprise to find the rest of the crew addicted to a dangerous new game.


Episode 7 - Unification, Pt. 1

Picard learns Spock's mission to Romulus involves a plan to reunify its people with the Vulcans.


Episode 8 - Unification, Pt. 2

Picard and Data travel to Romulus to investigate an unauthorized mission undertaken by the Federation's legendary Mr. Spock.


Episode 9 - A Matter Of Time

The Enterprise plays host to a mysterious visitor who claims to be from the future.


Episode 10 - New Ground

While the Enterprise heads for Bilana Three to participate in the testing of a new propulsion method called the Soliton Wave, Worf receives an unexpected visit from his mother Helena and his son Alexander.


Episode 11 - Hero Worship

The Enterprise makes way to a nearby Starbase that has recently lost contact with the Vico, a research vessel sent to explore the Interior of a Black Cluster.


Episode 12 - Violations

Troi, Riker and Dr. Crusher fall into unexplained comas while the Enterprise plays host to an alien race.


Episode 13 - The Masterpiece Society

Picard's efforts to save a genetically engineered society from a natural disaster threaten to destroy it.


Episode 14 - Conundrum

While suffering an unexplained case of amnesia, the crew finds themselves fighting a war they do not remember or understand.


Episode 15 - Power Play

Picard is shocked when Troi, Data and Chief O'Brien engineer an unexplained overthrow of the Bridge.


Episode 16 - Ethics

The crew is torn when an injured Worf, paralyzed after an accident, opts to follow Klingon custom and commit suicide.


Episode 17 - The Outcast

Riker's romance with a member of an androgynous race causes conflict and complications for all concerned.


Episode 18 - Cause and Effect

Trapped in a time warp that forces the crew to endlessly repeat the same experiences, the Enterprise is doomed to destruction.


Episode 19 - The First Duty

Wesley Crusher, involved in a cover-up of a devastating accident at Starfleet Academy, learns a painful lesson in honesty.


Episode 20 - Cost Of Living

Troi's free-wheeling mother Lwaxana upsets Deanna and Worf when she introduces Worf's son to her rather hedonistic lifestyle.


Episode 21 - The Perfect Mate

Picard falls in love with a beautiful woman who is to be given as a peace offering to end a centuries-long war.


Episode 22 - Imaginary Friend

A little girl's imaginary friend becomes a frightening reality for the crew when she threatens to destroy the Enterprise.


Episode 23 - I, Borg

Picard and the crew suffer from conflicting emotions when the Enterprise rescues a critically injured Borg.


Episode 24 - The Next Phase

Geordi and Ro are pronounced dead after a transporting maneuver from a distressed Romulan ship goes awry.


Episode 25 - The Inner Light

After a mysterious accident, Picard wakes up living the life of another person on a faraway planet.


Episode 26 - Time's Arrow, Pt. 1

After Data learns of his own death in late- 19th-century San Francisco, a freak accident transports him back to that period.


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