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Season 27 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Election Fever

The federal election had officially launched and 22 Minutes is back for another year of razor-sharp political commentary and biting satire. Season 27 starts here!


Episode 2 - Heating Up

New developments break in the federal election and the Liberals are under fire. Plus, an in-studio interview with NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and 22 Minutes goes door-to-door with Elizabeth May.


Episode 3 - How Dare You

With climate strikes happening all over the world, 22 Minutes examines the environment. Plus, Mary Walsh marches in Montreal, Alan Doyle overstays his welcome, finding Doug Ford, and more.


Episode 4 - Undecided Voter

We’re halfway through the federal election and some voters are still on the fence. 22 Minutes takes their pulse. Plus, Mark Critch ambushes Andrew Scheer, recaps of the leaders' debates, and more.


Episode 5 - Cut The Wire

The debates are over and the election is a week away. Which party will lead the country? 22 Minutes weighs the options. Plus, Into The Election-Verse, an interview with CBC’s poll analyst, and more.


Episode 6 - The Results Are In

The federal election comes to a close and 22 Minutes has all the latest updates on the country’s biggest winners and losers. Plus, Mark Critch has a drink (or three) with Justin Trudeau.


Episode 7 - Follow The Leaders

The election is over, but the politics are just beginning. 22 Minutes checks in on several party leaders...and Alberta. Plus, edibles come to Canada, Carrie returns, deer birth control, and more.


Episode 8 - Coup d’Etat

Elizabeth May steps down as the Green Party leader while the Conservatives eye up new leadership. Plus, Celine Dion on q, Anne of Green Gables goes to the ballet, and Greg Thomey returns!


Episode 9 - Back To Business

With the election behind us, Canada’s MPs think about getting back to work. 22 Minutes checks in. Plus, Doug Ford wants your phone, Don Cherry gets fired, Mrs. Enid returns & a sequel to the Shining.


Episode 10 - Hitting The Ice

Mark Critch learns how to ice dance with Canadian Olympians Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir. Plus, Trudeau gets primed for a new term, an interview with Jagmeet Singh, Heartland alienation, and more.


Episode 11 - Hindsight Is 20-19

The funniest, most liked, and most talked-about pieces so far from Season 27 in one convenient special.


Episode 12 - Dry January

A new year is underway and the outlook is already bleak. 22 Minutes catches up on some of the stories making headlines in Canada and around the world.


Episode 13 - A Part of Our Heritage

The Tories look for leadership options, tips for the 2020 winter blast, the history of beer league curling explored, and the curse of Oak Island continues. 22 Minutes digs in.


Episode 14 - Eastern Hospitality

Newfoundland calls in the army to help with snow removal after one of the biggest blizzards in recent memory. How are the soldiers handling the outpouring of hospitality? 22 Minutes checks in.


Episode 15 - Party Rules

Now that the Conservative leadership race is underway, the party is laying down a few ground rules for prospective candidates. 22 Minutes reviews the list.


Episode 16 - Yes B’y

22 Minutes brings a Newfoundland twist to one of the most popular songs in the world right now. Plus, Mark Critch catches up with Tory leadership hopeful Peter MacKay & challenges him to a yoga-off.


Episode 17 - You Should Go To Emergency

With hospitals across the country facing temporary closures, 22 Minutes brings to life a new medical drama that speaks to the heart of the matter. Plus, protest updates, Catherine McKenna & more.


Episode 18 - Plategate

New Ontario license plates are “virtually unreadable” putting the Ford government on the defensive. 22 Minutes checks in. Plus, pipeline protests continue and single-use plastics are banned.


Episode 19 - Canada, The Board Game

With a country as large as Canada, sometimes it seems everyone is playing by their own rules. 22 Minutes introduces a new board game primed to play through the confusion. Plus, guest star Mary Walsh!


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