Unforgettable Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Bigtime

Andrew McCarthy guest stars as Ari Sonnenland, a wealthy real estate developer whose 11-year-old daughter has been kidnapped. The wealthy businessman has the money to pay the ransom, but is reluctant to accept help from the NYPD and turns to Carrie and Al to help solve the case.


Episode 2 - Incognito

Carrie goes undercover with a team of bank robbers when The Major Crimes Section gets a lead on the gang’s leader, a notorious thief who rarely shows his face.


Episode 3 - Day of the Jackie

As Carrie and Al investigate the murder of a businessman, they realize his death was collateral damage in an assassination plot.


Episode 4 - Memory Kings

When the scientist who helped Carrie understand her memory abilities is murdered, she must track down other people with the same skill in the hopes that one of them holds the key to finding the killer.


Episode 5 - Past Tense

Carrie and Al’s latest case: the murder of an Afghani cab driver has the potential to turn into a matter of national security when it’s discovered that the victim was a government informant.


Episode 6 - Line Up or Shut Up

Carrie and Al investigate when a young man is found dead in a luxury sports car he was delivering to a diplomat.


Episode 7 - Maps and Legends

The murder of an urban explorer leads Carrie and Al to not only search for the killer, but to pick up the trail of clues the victim was following on the hunt for a treasure supposedly hidden under the streets of New York.


Episode 8 - Till Death

Carrie (Poppy Montgomery) and Al (Dylan Walsh) go undercover to catch a serial killer who’s using a high-end call girl ring to target wealthy married couples.


Episode 9 - Flesh and Blood

A notorious assassin’s sudden return pits Carrie (Poppy Montgomery) and Al (Dylan Walsh) against a terrorist sleeper cell intent on detonating a nuclear bomb in New York City.


Episode 10 - Manhunt

Though evidence in the murder of a celebrated criminal defense lawyer points to a recently paroled former client who confessed to a notorious rape, Carrie (Poppy Montgomery) wonders if the wrong man went to prison 13 years ago.


Episode 11 - East of Islip

When the murder of a waitress points to the return of a notorious serial killer, Carrie (Poppy Montgomery) and Al (Dylan Walsh) are sent to the wealthy enclave of Southampton to investigate.


Episode 12 - Omega Hour

Carrie (Poppy Montgomery) and Joanne (Jane Curtin) are stranded inside a luxury apartment tower with a cyberterrorist and his high-profile hostages.


Episode 13 - Reunion

A murder at Carrie’s (Poppy Montgomery) high school reunion revives the unsolved hit-and-run death of a classmate nearly 25 years ago.


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