Unforgettable Season 4 Episodes

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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Blast from the Past

The search for a pair of drug couriers uncovers an assassination plot and a surprising secret that Carrie thought she had put behind her.


Episode 2 - Gut Check

Carrie and Al are drafted to transport an embezzlement trial’s star witness to Florida.


Episode 3 - Behind the Beat

A music student’s murder leads Carrie and Al to an illegal nightclub owned by an Albanian mobster.


Episode 4 - Dollars and Scents

Following her nose helps Carrie link the murders of a deli employee and a computer hacker to a seductively handsome securities dealer.


Episode 5 - All In

An architect’s murder leads Carrie to investigate a plot to rob an Atlantic City casino.


Episode 6 - The Return of Eddie

The investigation into the murder of a freelance news photographer leads Carrie and Al to suspect it was more than a convenience store robbery gone awry.


Episode 7 - We Can Be Heroes

Carrie and Al’s investigation into young boy’s kidnapping exposes a grudge harbored by a college classmate of the child’s dad.


Episode 8 - Breathing Space

Carrie and Delina go undercover to unravel the murder of a scientist who was training for a mission to Mars.


Episode 9 - Shelter from the Storm

A hurricane forces Carrie and Al to seek refuge in a rundown precinct house and fend off a gang sent to free an elusive drug kingpin.


Episode 10 - Game On

Carrie’s investigation into the murder of a talented computer programmer exposes a successful businessman’s secret.


Episode 11 - About Face

A homeless man’s accidental death exposes a kidnapping and murder that lead Carrie and Al to investigate a construction company’s ties to a multi-state crime spree.


Episode 12 - Bad Company

A former informant’s murder threatens to expose Al and Russo’s conspiracy to plant evidence that sent a corrupt cop to prison years ago.


Episode 13 - Paranoid Android

When a shooter on the loose triggers a flashback that doesn't add up with Carrie's perfect memory, the team at Major Crimes discovers that a nefarious conspiracy is at play and trained killers are among them.


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