90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Home Sweet Home?

Jorge meets with divorce attorneys. Chantel questions Pedro's motives. It's the moment of truth for Nicole and Azan. Molly isn't a quitter. Pao receives bad news from Colombia. David and Annie struggle to make ends meet.


Episode 2 - Disruptive Behavior

Nicole awaits the results of Azan's interview. Pedro is forced to spend time with Chantel's family. Russ and Pao go to Colombia. Jorge tastes regret. Luis isn't stepping up as a step-dad. David's son Jacob moves in.


Episode 3 - Something They Don't Know

Annie questions her marriage to David. Luis has a chance to step up while Molly is away. Pao is keeping a secret from her family. A lawyer gives Nicole unsettling news. Chantel's family's suspicions of Pedro grow.


Episode 4 - Boiling Point

Jorge won't change his ways for Anfisa. Russ and Juan go head-to-head. Nicole's parents make a final plea. Chantel's family pushes Pedro to his limit. Luis feels the wrath of Molly. David can't make both Annie and Ashley happy.


Episode 5 - The Blame Game

Russ and Pao's friend Juan go head-to-head. Jorge has been keeping a secret from Anfisa. Pedro drops a bomb on Chantel. Annie's tired of David's empty promises. Luis locks himself in a room, but Molly breaks in.


Episode 6 - Big Little Lies

Molly's marriage hits a breaking point. Nicole confronts Azan about the voice recordings. Anfisa feels trapped. Juan and Russ face off, again. Annie's ready to give up on David. Things get explosive when Pedro's sister arrives.


Episode 7 - Not Off the Hook

Annie's American Dream slips further away. Azan comes clean about his visa. Molly faces the repercussions of a K1 visa. Pao deals with the worst part of visiting family. Jorge's past haunts Anfisa. Chantel's family pushes Pedro.


Episode 8 - No Turning Back

Nicole's wedding is in jeopardy. Anfisa fears this could be Jorge's biggest lie. David and Annie hit another roadblock. Molly questions Luis's motives. Pao gets devastating news from home. Pedro fights with Chantel's family.


Episode 9 - The End of the Line

Annie gives David an ultimatum. Jorge calls his ex about the daughter she claims is his. Molly hears unexpected news from Luis. Russ and Pao drift apart. Chantel confronts Pedro after the attack. Nicole discovers Azan's lies.


Episode 10 - Tell All: Part 1

The couples reveal all the juicy and shocking details about the most intense moments this season. Anfisa has a bone to pick with Pao, Pedro leaves Chantel in tears and a surprise guest drops a bombshell.


Episode 11 - Tell All: Part 2

The confrontation between Russ and Jorge continues, surprise guests blindside Pedro and after the Tell All, the shocking conclusion to Nicole and Azan's road to "I Do."


Episode 101 - 90 Day LIVE

Host Michlle Collins dishes out the dirt with familiar guests, super fans and never before seen footage.


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