90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 4 Episodes

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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - After the Dust Settles

Jay's cheating makes Ashley hit the brakes. Andrei fights for boundaries. Nicole struggles to keep Azan. Chantel and Pedro can't escape the past. Russ and Pao get a fresh start. Colt and Larissa wait for her trial.


Episode 2 - In for a Shock

Nicole has a surprise for Azan. Larissa's trial approaches. Elizabeth and Andrei get big news about their baby. Ashley crushes Jay's hopes. Russ and Pao return to Oklahoma. Chantel struggles to pick up the pieces with her family.


Episode 3 - Mistrials of Marriage

Larissa heads to trial. Elizabeth's father pushes Andrei too far. Nicole's family questions her plans with Azan. Chantel gets bad news about Pedro's Green Card. Pao struggles to connect with Russ' family. Ashley sees her ex.


Episode 4 - A Break is Necessary

Elizabeth goes to her dad behind Andrei's back. Ashley needs a break. Nicole's friend presses for answers. Pedro heads to the Dominican Republic without Chantel. Pao confronts Russ' mom. Colt and Larissa try to move forward.


Episode 5 - Dirty Dancing

Larissa confesses her biggest secret. Ashley lets loose in New York City. Nicole's family makes a final plea. Pedro worries things went too far with his sister's friend. Pao discovers the real reason Russ came to Oklahoma.


Episode 6 - Severed Ties

Colt and Larissa attempt to reignite their sex life. Nicole's trip hits a roadblock. Ashley decides the fate of her marriage. Chantel drops a bomb on Pedro. Elizabeth gives Andrei a wake-up call. Emotions get stirred up for Pao.


Episode 7 - Into the Lion's Den

Debbie gives Colt heartbreaking news. Nicole's stepfather reveals information about Azan. Jay's sister discovers the truth. Chantel finally faces Pedro's mother. Elizabeth is pushed too far. Pao realizes it's time to say goodbye.


Episode 8 - Nowhere to Run

Colt and Larissa face legal issues again. Jay's sister confronts him about the truth. Chantel faces off with Pedro's sister. Elizabeth's baby shower has an unwanted guest. Pao's mom rejects her birth plan.


Episode 9 - The Truth Comes Out

Chantel gets shady news about Pedro and his family. Larissa shuts Colt out after her arrest. Ashley discovers the truth about Jay. Andrei spends money on his father which upsets Elizabeth. Russ and Pao's baby is ready to debut.


Episode 10 - Sparks Will Fly

Larissa's arrest threatens her life in America. Nicole pops the question to Azan. Jay's infidelity could cost him his freedom. Elizabeth braces herself for drama when both families unite. Paola's old friend stirs the pot.


Episode 11 - Kicked to the Curb

Larissa pushes Debbie. Ashley makes a radical decision. Chantel confronts Pedro for the truth about how they met. Elizabeth's family is shut out when she goes into labor. Russ worries Pao and his mother will clash over the baby.


Episode 12 - Change of Heart

Ashley's health issues change everything. Chantel's relationship hits a wall. Andrei and Elizabeth's father face off. Nicole reveals the truth to her mom. Their new baby brings Russ and Pao new problems.


Episode 13 - Tell All Part 1

Colt and Larissa's journey continues as they prepare for the trial of her third arrest. Then, the Tell All begins as the couples take a deep dive into the details of their most intense moments this season.


Episode 14 - Tell All: Part 2

The couples dive back in, with even more surprises. Larissa's trial has a shocking update.


Episode 101 - 90 Day Live

Host Shaun Robinson dishes out with familiar guests like Elizabeth's sister Jen and David and Annie from Happily Ever After. Then Shaun takes social media questions.


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