90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 7 Episodes

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Season 7 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Suddenly Everything Changed

Jenny and Sumit reveal their secret to his parents. Andrei's slip-up about Libby's possible career move shocks Chuck. Shaeeda refuses to play second fiddle to Bilal's ex. Kim comes under fire over her future plans. Jovi struggles with Yara's partying.


Episode 2 - Truth, Bitter Truth

Sumit chooses between his family and Jenny. Usman talks to his brother about taking a second wife. Shaeeda confronts Bilal's ex. Libby balks over singing in public. Jovi worries Yara's friends are a bad influence. Ed and Liz's friends doubt their love.


Episode 3 - Don't Take Me for Granted

Angela entertains a new suitor. Jenny questions Sumit's loyalty. Shaeeda attempts a peace offering. Kim lays down the rules for Usman's second wife. Jovi and Yara confront his mom. Liz questions Ed's intentions during a photography lesson.


Episode 4 - Truth Hurts

Sparks fly when Kim meets Usman's friend. Andrei confronts Libby's mom about Charlie. Liz questions if Ed is trying to be her father. Shaeeda's baby fever triggers Bilal. Jenny worries Sumit is getting bored. Angela makes a decision about her marriage.


Episode 5 - Complicated

Sumit wants to spice things up with Jenny. Usman wonders if the relationship is worth fighting for. Yara fears for her family in Ukraine. Liz opens up to her friend about a shocking comment from Ed. Libby's sisters betray her. Angela prepares for Nigeria.


Episode 6 - Outta My System

Angela surprises Michael at his home and decides to take back what's hers. Tensions run high at a birthday party for Elizabeth's mom. Shaeeda takes matters into her own hands. Kim challenges Usman. Liz's grandparents question Ed. Yara reaches a milestone.


Episode 7 - Are You Happy Now?

Ed doubts Liz' faithfulness. Jenny and Sumit explore their erotic side. Andrei is alarmed to hear that someone may have reported him to immigration. Usman prepares his mother for Kim. Michael confronts Angela after she destroys his car.


Episode 8 - Under Pressure

Kim's gift offends Usman's family. Andrei fears deportation. The honeymoon is over for Jenny and Sumit. Michael refuses to give Angela his phone. Liz reveals to Ed what she did with her engagement ring. Shaeeda receives devastating news.


Episode 9 - Bad Blood

The meeting with Usman's family puts Kim in a compromising position. Liz hunts down her lost engagement ring. Angela makes Michael choose between her and his social media. Sumit meets with his family without Jenny. Yara reunites with her mom.


Episode 10 - Just Give Me a Reason

Angela catches Michael in a lie. Yara makes a big decision without consulting Jovi. Usman is caught in the middle after his mom makes an unexpected request. Libby and Andrei find out some life-changing news. Sumit prioritizes work over Jenny.


Episode 11 - Meet Me Halfway

Libby and Andrei make a big announcement. Angela shows Michael proof of his questionable behavior. Ed and Liz spice things up in a peculiar way. Yara's plan leaves Jovi in disbelief. Kim makes a grand romantic gesture.


Episode 12 - Isn't She Lovely

Shaeeda's friend gets in a grudge match with Bilal. Usman's actions on his date with another woman hurt Kim. Jenny's daughter gives Sumit a piece of her mind. Angela calls a woman saved in Michael's phone. Libby's dad pitches a remedy for the family feud.


Episode 13 - Can't Fight This Feeling

Ed reveals secrets about his past to Liz. Tempers flare when Libby and Andrei meet with Libby's sisters. Jovi worries his marriage is in jeopardy. Michael is caught off guard when he learns Angela's been hiding something from him.


Episode 14 - Stand by Me

Michael confronts Billy about his relationship with Angela. Ed's family corners Liz. Usman makes a shocking proposition. Libby fears Andrei will be deported before the birth. Yara reunites with her friend from Ukraine. Jenny seeks legal advice.


Episode 15 - Battlefield

Sparks fly when Sumit and Jenny's families meet. Liz drops a bomb while house hunting with Ed. Kim's son, Jamal, meets Usman for the first time. Jovi blindsides Yara with a surprising request. Michael forces Angela to choose between him and Billy.


Episode 16 - Wrecking Ball

Tempers flare when Angela meets with Michael's friends. Liz's new opportunity puts her relationship with Ed in jeopardy. Usman and Kim ask to adopt Usman's brother's son. Sumit reveals to Jenny he wants a baby. Jovi and Yara reach a breaking point.


Episode 17 - Thank U, Next

Family therapy pits Andrei against Libby's family. Ed rekindles a relationship, and Liz makes a life-changing decision. Bilal and Shaeeda hit a roadblock. Kim and Usman struggle to get on the same page. Angela learns devastating news. Jovi and Yara part.


Episode 18 - Tell All: No Limits Part 1

Gear up for an exclusive look into the nerve-wracking lead up to the Tell All in New York City. The jaw-dropping drama onstage is only half the story, and this season, no one is holding back.


Episode 19 - Tell All: No Limits Part 2

Ed's ex-fiance exposes his lie to Liz. Also, there's plenty of drama onstage, but for the first time ever, the cameras keep rolling to catch the aftermath as the couples meet up for an unrestricted after-party.


Episode 20 - Tell All: No Limits Part 3

Angela reaches her breaking point and confronts Ed. In the studio, Usman faces Kim's son, Jamal. Also, Bilal and Shaeeda give a shocking update, and Sumit's family finally decides if they will accept his marriage.


Episode 21 - Tell All: No Limits Part 4

Michael risks his marriage by confronting Usman, Jenny goes off on Ed, and Jovi and Yara's news makes the entire cast's jaws drop. Also, Liz makes a final decision about Ed.


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