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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - To New Beginnings!

Naomi, Silver and Adrianna celebrate the end of summer with a party at the Beverly Hills Beach club.


Episode 2 - To Sext or Not to Sext

In an ever-growing feud, Naomi spreads a nasty rumor about Annie.


Episode 3 - Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat

The son of a famous movie star invites the gang to his yacht party.


Episode 4 - The Porn King

Dixon and Sasha’s whirlwind relationship takes a turn during a road trip to Napa.


Episode 5 - Environmental Hazards

Dixon gets caught in a lie with Sasha. Naomi devises a plan to get into college that doesn’t involve her sub-par test scores.


Episode 6 - Wild Alaskan Salmon

When Silver and Kelly find out that their mom is dying of breast cancer, they disagree over how best to care for her.


Episode 7 - Unmasked

Silver finds an unexpected friend in Teddy, who lends a hand when he hears about her mother’s diagnosis.


Episode 8 - Women's Intuition

Navid begins a drug use investigation at school, which exposes Annie’s boyfriend and might compromise her relationship.


Episode 9 - A Trip to the Moon

Silver’s mom enlists Teddy’s help to throw a surprise half-birthday party for Silver.


Episode 10 - To Thine Own Self Be True

Navid confronts Adrianna about her drug use. To Harry and Debbie’s surprise, Annie invites Jasper over for dinner.


Episode 11 - And Away They Go!

Naomi’s friends devise a plan to prove that Naomi’s sister is using her.


Episode 12 - Winter Wonderland

The gang tries to clear the air with one another before the annual winter dance.


Episode 13 - Rats and Heroes

Jasper blackmails Annie by threatening to come forward about her hit-and-run accident if she breaks up with him.


Episode 14 - Girl Fight

Annie threatens to bring Jasper down with her if he blackmails her, putting their relationship back on track.


Episode 15 - What's Past Is Prologue

Gia reveals her true feelings for Adrianna. Silver and Teddy go on their first date.


Episode 16 - Clark Raving Mad

Mr. Cannon reprimands and humiliates Naomi in front of everyone over her risqué gossip news segment in The Blaze.


Episode 17 - Sweaty Palms and Weak Knees

Annie struggles to deal with the aftermath of Jasper’s suicide attempt.


Episode 18 - Another Another Chance

Naomi is forced to confront her lies in court during a sexual harassment hearing against Mr. Cannon.


Episode 19 - Multiple Choices

The gang preps for the SAT, except for Teddy, who goes head-to-head with Silver over his decision to focus on tennis.


Episode 20 - Meet the Parent

Annie worries that her parents might get a divorce. Silver meets Teddy’s family, and it doesn’t go as planned.


Episode 21 - Javianna

Jen takes control of Naomi’s finances, which turns into an immediate fight between the two sisters.


Episode 22 - Confessions

Liam inspires Annie to tell the truth about her accident, but Jasper senses their closeness and dangerously lashes out.


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