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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Senior Year, Baby

Annie and Dixon deal with the absence of their father, while Naomi struggles with her case against Mr. Cannon.


Episode 2 - Age of Inheritance

When Naomi finds out she has access to her trust fund, she throws a giant party.


Episode 3 - 2021 Vision

Naomi continues to deal with the trauma of her assault. Meanwhile, Mr. Cannon puts Silver in danger.


Episode 4 - The Bachelors

Silver plans a cancer-awareness charity event in honor of her mother.


Episode 5 - Catch Me If You Cannon

Silver, Naomi and Adrianna try to trap Mr. Cannon and expose his predatory behavior.


Episode 6 - How Much is That Liam in the Window

Jen and Ryan find out about Naomi’s rape and take matters into their own hands.


Episode 7 - I See London, I See France ...

Ryan encourages Naomi to press charges against Mr. Cannon, even if it puts his own job at risk.


Episode 8 - Mother Dearest

Adrianna uninvites Navid to her magazine premiere party so that she can go with Joe Jonas and boost her image.


Episode 9 - They're Playing Her Song

Navid manages the fallout of turning his father in for his pornography business. Ryan turns to Debbie for advice.


Episode 10 - Best Lei'd Plans

Teddy begins to embrace his sexuality. Naomi jumps back into the dating world with one of Ivy’s surfer friends.


Episode 11 - Holiday Madness

Adrianna rents a mansion and throws a massive housewarming party.


Episode 12 - Liars

Naomi and Silver find themselves in serious danger when Mr. Cannon breaks into Naomi’s house.


Episode 13 - It's Getting Hot in Here

Annie, Naomi, Adrianna and Silver go on a girls trip to a yoga retreat.


Episode 14 - All About a Boy

Everything changes for Navid when he learns the truth about how Adrianna handled the adoption.


Episode 15 - Revenge With the Nerd

Navid and Dixon try to convince a music producer to shoot a video at Shirazi Studios.


Episode 16 - It's High Time

Annie’s new nemesis begins to meddle in her love life and internship at the playhouse.


Episode 17 - Blue Naomi

Navid and Dixon formalize their work partnership and land an important meeting with Snoop Dogg.


Episode 18 - The Enchanted Donkey

The gang takes a vacation to Mexico, where chaos ensues.


Episode 19 - Nerdy Little Secrets

Naomi fears that Max is cheating on her and follows him to an academic decathlon event to confront him.


Episode 20 - Women on the Verge

Annie’s unlikely friendship with her boss leads her to a movie premiere. Teddy catches Marco in a lie.


Episode 21 - The Prom Before the Storm

Secrets are revealed on prom night that can end friendships.


Episode 22 - To the Future!

Naomi must make a major life decision. Liam confesses to Annie.


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