All Creatures Great and Small Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Cats And Dogs

A bull becomes strangely ill, so James performs a brand new operation. Three sick cats prove a difficult case, and all three vets have a go, with surprising results.


Episode 2 - Attendant Problems

Lambing time in the Yorkshire Dales is tough, and disturbing scenes take place on Benson's land when his flock of sheep is badly worried by a stray dog.


Episode 3 - Fair Means And Fowl

James discovers that all sorts of men can become vets and that Ewan, whilst ostensibly unsuitable, is a practitioner of the highest quality.


Episode 4 - Beauty Of The Beast

A scrap merchant who ill-treats his horses does not treat the vets much better. Siegfried manages to find the right charge for the problem.


Episode 5 - Judgement Day

The Darrowby Show is usually an enjoyable occasion, except when James takes on the job of duty vet and Tristan falls for a buxom barmaid.


Episode 6 - Faint Hearts

The contrast between the daughters of wealthy Tavener and the lowly Alton is sharply pointed for James, as is the difference between a talking and a non-talking budgie.


Episode 7 - Tricks Of The Trade

Mr Wilkinson's colt defeats both James' and Tristan's attempts at treatment. For Siegfried, however, the mammoth task is completed by use of a little guile and wisdom.


Episode 8 - Pride Of Possession

Farmer Ogilvie's bull refuses to have anything to do with his cows. Meanwhile, Tristan is put into a tricky situation.


Episode 9 - The Name Of The Game

Nellie Dimmock's dog provides James with another opportunity to glimpse the generosity of Bennett. But at the local cricket match, James must face the demon bowler.


Episode 10 - Puppy Love

James discovers a couple whose marriage is being held together by the most slender of threats, a dying dog, while Tristan is visited by a girl from his past.


Episode 11 - Ways And Means

A pig delays James from his appointment at Darrowby Youth Club where he is to make a speech, but he would rather face a savage pig than face his fear of public speaking.


Episode 12 - Pups, Pigs And Pickles

Tristan proves he is a gentleman, but when James delivers a calf and is offered an incredible breakfast, it puts his love of good food severely to the test.


Episode 13 - A Dog's Life

Popular drama series about a Yorkshire veterinary practice in the 30s. James has to keep his nerve during a difficult calving.


Episode 14 - Merry Gentlemen

Tricki Woo has been overfed yet again, and is nursed back to health by Helen. The gift of a hamper is welcome at any time, but especially at Christmas.


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