All Creatures Great and Small

All Creatures Great and Small Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Horse Sense

Life for a newly qualified vet in the Yorkshire Dales isn't at all easy, as James Herriot discovers. To begin with, you have to find employment.


Episode 2 - Dog Days

The result of the post-mortem is known and James finds that while a vet's life is not altogether enviable, a dog's life might well be.


Episode 3 - It Takes All Kinds...

James seems to be falling into the routine of being a country vet, but the peace is shattered when Siegfried employs a secretary and James meets Helen Alderson.


Episode 4 - Calf Love

Siegfried has a major victory and Tristan has to deal with pigs in more ways than one. James discovers that he has a rival.


Episode 5 - Out Of Practice

The practice in Darrowby goes from strength to strength - unlike James's private life. Tristan decides to remedy matters and arranges a double blind date.


Episode 6 - Nothing Like Experience

James makes a date with Helen, without Tristan's help. The practice loses a customer, with Tristan's help. Siegfried stops smoking, which doesn't help anyone.


Episode 7 - Golden Lads And Girls

James' luck changes for the better in his romance with Helen, but for the Dalby family there seems to be no turning of the tide.


Episode 8 - Advice And Consent

The Dalby family fortunes dwindle even more until, almost by accident, James stumbles across the reason for the herd's illness.


Episode 9 - The Last Furlong

Some farmers like to do their own vetting, but James discovers that sometimes the vet can cure the farmer.


Episode 10 - Sleeping Partners

Richard Carmody, a superior student, accompanies James on his rounds to learn, but it becomes clear that there is very little that he doesn't know.


Episode 11 - Bulldog Breed

What can a country vet do when a herd is struck by a disease for which there is no cure - especially when a man's life savings are at risk?


Episode 12 - Practice Makes Perfect

James returns to Angus Grier and, to his shame and Grier's pleasure, is coerced into giving the wrong treatment. Grier's triumph is short-lived as James discovers his guilty secret.


Episode 13 - Breath Of Life

Siegfried discovers that a gift given in good faith can deal out death. James discovers that dealing out death can accidentally be the gift to life.


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