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All Creatures Great and Small Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Plenty To Grouse About

An outbreak of louping ill on the grouse moors is traced, but Murray's help in clearing the land cannot be counted upon.


Episode 2 - Charity Begins At Home

The practise begins to use new tablets, but their cost leads Siegfried to decide to limit their use. James and Helen adopt a cat.


Episode 3 - Every Dog His Day

Mrs Pumphrey calls James out urgently to treat Cedric, a boxer she has bought to keep Tricki Woo company. Unfortunately, Cedric is ruining her social life.


Episode 4 - Hair Of The Dog

Roddy Travers, an itinerant workman, comes to Skeldale with his dog for an emergency operation, and deeply impresses James with his way of life.


Episode 5 - If Wishes Were Horses

Wesley Binks is the bane of Darrowby with petty thieving, but when his dog contracts distemper he turns over a new leaf and resolves to work hard to pay for treatment.


Episode 6 - Pig In The Middle

James and Helen decide to celebrate their anniversary, Tristan wants to take his new girlfriend out and Siegfried wishes to date Mrs Egerton - all on the same evening.


Episode 7 - Be Prepared

The vets’ evening plans come surprisingly unstuck when Miss Westerman's dog Hamish wanders off while coming round from an operation.


Episode 8 - A Dying Breed

James and Siegfried take a privileged look at progress, while Tristan, to his dismay, becomes regarded by Darrowby clients as the best vet in the business.


Episode 9 - Brink Of Disaster

The outbreak of war seems far away when Siegfried discovers a local outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease at Mr Duggleby's.


Episode 10 - Home And Away

As the dog track vet in Hensfield, James upsets the greyhound owners by his conscientiousness and discovers that too much professionalism can be a dangerous thing.


Episode 11 - Alarms And Excursions

The difficulties of being a vet are multiplied when there is an outbreak of poisoning in the district. Siegfried takes it upon himself to find the poisoner and stop the slaughter.


Episode 12 - Matters Of Life And Death

A visit to Lord Hulton's place provides James with a surprise glimpse of how the other half lives, while a routine task leads to a shattering event.


Episode 13 - Will To Live

It's bad enough when a dog loses its sight, but the vets have the difficult job of breaking the news to its owner.


Episode 14 - Big Steps And Little Uns

Siegfried, James and Tristan all cope characteristically with the final threat to the harmony of Skeldale House.


Episode 15 - Christmas Special 1983

Demobbed from the army, James Herriot returns to the Yorkshire Dales. He, Siegfried and Tristan are soon about the day to day dramas of a rural veterinary practice once again.


Episode 16 - The Lord God Made Them All

Tristan picks up the threads of an old romance and Siegfried looks towards the future.


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