All Creatures Great and Small

All Creatures Great and Small Season 5 Episodes

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Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Against The Odds

James finds himself skiing through snowy dales to save a litter of piglets.


Episode 2 - Place Of Honour

With Helen still bedridden, James struggles manfully with both chores and children.


Episode 3 - Choose A Bright Morning

James receives a cry for help from the isolated Bramley family.


Episode 4 - The Playing Field

With Siegfried in London, Tristan is left with the worst patients.


Episode 5 - When Dreams Come True

Helen is finally up and about - only to face the morning after the night before.


Episode 6 - A New Chapter

The Herriots prepare to move to Rowangarth and there's another emergency with Mr Bennett.


Episode 7 - A Present From Dublin

Calum welcomes the new arrivals - one of whom fits Siegfried's domestic requirements.


Episode 8 - The Salt Of The Earth

Siegfried is saddened by the death of a young bull terrier.


Episode 9 - Cheques And Balances

Siegfried is determined to make the errant farmers pay their bills.


Episode 10 - The Female Of The Species

Siegfried gives a friend's offspring some experience in the surgery.


Episode 11 - The Jackpot

James wears his shorts to a visit and is challenged to a race.


Episode 12 - Two Of A Kind

Siegfried buys a television set, and James has to deal with a man who has cancer.


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