All Creatures Great and Small

All Creatures Great and Small Season 7 Episodes

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Season 7 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Prodigal Returns

Tristan returns from Ireland to become the butt of a practical joke.


Episode 2 - Knowin' How To Do It

Tristan accidently injects a farmer with a vaccine intended for his cows.


Episode 3 - If Music Be The Food Of Love

The partners are baffled by Biggins who keeps asking them to treat perfectly healthy cows.


Episode 4 - A Friend For Life

Bill Shadwell is about to retire, but is at odds with his son and successor.


Episode 5 - Spring Fever

Tristan's old college friend comes to stay, but his visit has to be kept a secret from Siegfried.


Episode 6 - Out With The New

James Herriot treats a dog that wags its tail when it is angry.


Episode 7 - Food For Thought

James rescues a client from imminent arrest.


Episode 8 - A Cat In Hull's Chance

Mrs Pettinger's cat goes missing.


Episode 9 - A Grand Memory For Forgetting

Siegfried finds out who shot Jacob Pearson’s dog.


Episode 10 - Old Dogs, New Tricks

James is not pleased that Tricki Woo is coming to stay.


Episode 11 - Hampered

Mrs Pumphrey's great-niece Angela comes to stay.


Episode 12 - Promises To Keep

The partners attend a wedding.


Episode 13 - Brotherly Love

It is Christmas 1953, and an outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease has hits the Dales.


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