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Everybody Hates Chris Season 4 Episodes

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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Everybody Hates Tattaglia

Chris, a first-time high school student, looks forward to attending a school with some diversity.


Episode 2 - Everybody Hates Cake

Rochelle befriends an ex-con who has moved into the neighborhood.


Episode 3 - Everybody Hates Homecoming

Chris is over the moon when a cute girl asks him to the homecoming dance.


Episode 4 - Everybody Hates the English Teacher

Chris has to do a book report and watches the movie version of the book rather than read it.


Episode 5 - Everybody Hates My Man

Julius starts a side job picking up bodies for Mr. Omar's funeral home.


Episode 6 - Everybody Hates Doc's

Chris tries to break up Doc and his new obnoxious girlfriend; Tonya starts wearing a bra to school.


Episode 7 - Everybody Hates Snitches

Chris sneaks out to the movies with his friends and witnesses a shooting outside the theater.


Episode 8 - Everybody Hates Big Bird

The dorkiest girl in school, nicknamed Big Bird, asks Chris on a date.


Episode 9 - Everybody Hates James

Rochelle thinks Julius is having an affair; Chris participates in the "Big Brothers" program.


Episode 10 - Everybody Hates New Year's Eve

Chris wants to spend New Year's Eve in Times Square; Julius becomes a hero.


Episode 11 - Everybody Hates Mr. Levine

Rochelle discovers she is a year younger than she thought she was.


Episode 12 - Everybody Hates Varsity Jackets

Greg and Chris decide to join the wrestling team to get a varsity jacket.


Episode 13 - Everybody Hates Fake IDs

Chris and Greg try to find fake IDs so they can attend a concert; Rochelle plans a party for Julius.


Episode 14 - Everybody Hates the PSATs

Chris is left with no time to study for the PSATs and resorts to buying the answer key.


Episode 15 - Everybody Hates Boxing

Coach Thurman suggests that Chris learn to box so he can defend himself.


Episode 17 - Everybody Hates Spring Break

While test-driving the janitor's car, Chris accidentally hits Greg.


Episode 18 - Everybody Hates the Car

Chris gets his driver's license and gets permission to buy a car.


Episode 19 - Everybody Hates Back Talk

Chris refuses to do his chores; Mr. Omar decides to say whatever is on his mind.


Episode 20 - Everybody Hates Tasha

Rochelle finds out that Julius was married to someone else before her.


Episode 21 - Everybody Hates Bomb Threats

Chris tries to delay a school presentation by calling in a bomb threat.


Episode 22 - Everybody Hates the G.E.D.

During the last week of school, Chris finds out he might have to repeat the 10th grade.


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