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Episode 1 - It’s a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World

Bo, a gorgeous drifter with horrifying powers, finds herself caught between rival sects of the supernatural Fae world. Choosing the wrong side could be the last mistake she’ll ever make.


Episode 2 - Where There’s a Will There’s a Fae

A will-o’-the-wisp seeks out Bo for help recovering his stolen jewels. The case is not without its dangers, but her new client promises Bo information about the identity of her parents.


Episode 3 - Sorority

Bo and Kenzi go undercover on a college campus to track down a missing coed. Will they crack the case with honors – or get sent straight to the dean’s office?


Episode 4 - Faetal Attraction

Bo’s falling out with Dyson leads to a night of drinking that ends with the Succubus in the arms of a Fury. When their pillow talk turns to the topic of murder, humans and Fae alike better hold on to their heads.


Episode 5 - Dead Lucky

When a Dark Fae bookie gets ripped off, he strong arms Bo into tracking down the culprit. The Succubus has doubts about her new client, but the job could get her one step closer to finding her mother.


Episode 6 - Food for Thought

While Bo and Lauren tend to a gravely ill eater of the dead, Kenzi chows down on a toxic bowl of foot soup. The Succubus and the doctor race to find a cure, but time is running out.


Episode 7 - ArachnoFaebia

Kenzi and Bo are bitten by a mysterious spider of the Under Fae variety, which causes them to act increasingly hostile and violent toward each other.


Episode 8 - Pilot

Bo trades a few bags of blood to a vampire for information on her mother, but the tip only leads to trouble with both the Light – and Dark – Fae.


Episode 9 - Fae Day

When a scared Fae holiday is interrupted by the wail of a Banshee, Bo and Kenzi must forge a truce between two feuding brothers – or someone dies before sunset!


Episode 10 - Saskia

During her investigation into an apparent suicide, Bo meets a Dark Fae Succubus with a wealth of experience. Meanwhile, Trick enlists Kenzi’s help for a very important job.


Episode 11 - Faetal Justice

When Dyson is framed for the murder of a Dark Fae, Bo works overtime to try and clear his name, but she’ll need help from Kenzi to put together the clues that crack the case.


Episode 12 - Dis (Members) Only

Kenzi, Bo, and Dyson go undercover at an exclusive country club to figure out what’s making the help disappear. Later, a seductive face from Bo’s past makes a startling appearance.


Episode 13 - Blood Lines

Bo finally learns the truth about her mother’s identity, Dyson and Trick make shocking sacrifices, and the threat of war hangs heavy over the Fae World.


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