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Episode 1 - Like Hell Pt. 1

Unable to let Kenzi’s sacrifice stand, Bo is determined to cross over to the other side and retrieve her friend’s soul. When she arrives in Valhalla, it will take all her cunning to find Kenzi, and all of her strength to keep her safe.


Episode 2 - Like Hell Pt. 2

After trading her soul for Kenzi’s, Bo finds herself trapped in the whispering labyrinth of Tartarus. There, she meets a mysterious young woman who offers to help her escape. Unsure if she can be trusted, but left with no other option, Bo follows her deeper into the maze as she reveals the truth about Bo’s father.


Episode 3 - Big in Japan

With the agency back in business, Bo and Tamsin start playing bodyguards for a famous Japanese warrior with a hit on his head. While they struggle to work as a team, Lauren is forced to turn to Dyson for a crash course in self-defense when her research starts earning her death threats of her own.


Episode 4 - When God Opens a Window

When a young Fae comes to Bo’s agency for help, Tamsin and Bo disagree on how the situation should be handled, eventually driving the boy away all together. As the situation escalates and the girls struggle to track the boy down, Trick turns to Dyson with a mysterious case that comes complete with an unwanted partner.


Episode 5 - It’s Your Lucky Fae

It’s one thing after another on Bo’s birthday. After receiving an ominous letter and package from her father, an oracle goes missing, forcing her to go undercover on a Fae dating site to lure out suspects. But what really takes the cake is the creepy cursed cat that’s giving Bo a bad case of feline fever. Will she be able to crack the case before the transformation is complete?


Episode 6 - Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts

A series of mysterious murders points to a Fae cult. After discovering the latest victim, Bo and Tamsin infiltrate the world of college football to expose the Fae responsible. As Dyson investigates a murder victim who won’t stay dead, the two cases collide and Bo comes face to face with the Fae cult leaders.


Episode 7 - Here Comes the Night

After an ancient power creates a destructive storm that throws the city into chaos, Bo and her friends work to pick up the pieces, but nobody can escape the strange events that this blackout brings. Lauren struggles to keep Evony’s dangerous Fae at bay, Dyson closes in on the man he’s been hunting, and Bo gets caught in a dangerous trap—when the lights go out, all bets are off.


Episode 8 - End of Faes

The ancient Faes have made themselves known, and they’ve cordially invited Bo and her friends to join them for a dinner party. After drinking a prophecy-inducing cocktail, Bo and Trick see the apocalypse that will come to pass unless they find a way to sever Bo from her father’s influence. The ancients promise a way to free her from him, but can Bo really trust them after all they’ve done?


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