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Season 6 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - 44 Minutes to Save the World

With the threat of an apocalypse hanging over them, Bo and her friends must find and stop the deadly Nyx before midnight. But with Zeus’ schemes and a newly-released Hades, the problems just keep piling on.


Episode 2 - Like Father, Like Daughter

Even with Nyx defeated, the end of the world is still looming as long as Z is around. Bo gains help from an old friend to secure the key to Z’s defeat. But will a song and a painting really be enough to banish an Ancient?


Episode 3 - Sweet Valkyrie High

Tamsin has a plan to send Hades back, but first she has to find a way back to Valhalla. While she walks down memory lane at her alma mater, Lauren and Bo have their hands full with an irate Evony who wants nothing more than to be Fae again.


Episode 4 - Judgment Fae

Z is back on the scene and harder to find once they abandon their vessel. Their only lead to finding Z is gaining an audience with Hephaestus. But to meet with him, Bo will have to prove herself worthy.


Episode 5 - Family Portrait

Even a Succubus can’t escape awkward family dinners. Aife breaks out of the mental hospital and reveals the truth about her imprisonment and Trick. Has Bo been on the wrong side, or is there still more to this twisted family history?


Episode 6 - Follow the Yellow Trick Road

There’s no place like home, but for Bo it’s a long, red brick road to get back, and it will take more than finding the man behind the curtain to get there. But maybe it’s easier to accept the world of Oz rather than the cruel reality of what she’s lost.


Episode 7 - Let Them Burn

The search for the Pyrippus leads Bo to a realization that shakes her to the core. With Hades pulling the strings from the very beginning, can she really fight against this dark fate? Or will everything Bo’s worked for burn to the ground?


Episode 8 - Rise

It’s all led up to this. The Pyrippus has overtaken Bo, and Hades’ plan is moments from completion. Will everything Bo and her friends have worked for finally come to an end, or will they rise against the evil plaguing their home?


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