Signs of a Psychopath

Signs of a Psychopath Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Chase Me

A 50-year-old woman is found dead in her home. All that's left behind is a note that reads, "Chase me." But when detectives uncover the killer, they quickly discover they have come face to face with a remorseless psychopath.


Episode 2 - Into the Woods at Midnight

Residents of a quaint village are terrified when a local innkeeper and two others are found brutally murdered. Detectives in Maine must follow the depraved killer into the woods at night as he leads them to where he killed and buried a fourth victim.


Episode 3 - I'm Not the Monster I Was

An unapologetic 14-year-old boy confesses to the murder of his best friend. Twelve years later, he's back in court with chance at a reduced sentence. Has this 26-year-old really changed? Or is he the same meticulous, cold-blooded killer he always was?


Episode 4 - Where Evil Grows

A charming 20-year-old wants to help authorities with a murder investigation. He claims to have met one of the three victims and says he has no knowledge of the crime, but detectives suspect otherwise. Could this young intellectual be hiding a dark side?


Episode 5 - I Dug a Hole and Said a Prayer

When police question a man in the disappearance of his pregnant ex-girlfriend and her young son, they discover he has a terrifying capacity for violence. And later, could a seemingly innocuous man searching for a missing girl be a real-life monster?


Episode 6 - I Could Hear Her Calling My Name

A young girl disappears after school. Her last known steps are caught on surveillance cameras, which lead investigators to two dark minds who carefully plotted one of the most sinister, depraved crimes imaginable.


Episode 7 - I Am The Devil

A missing Colorado woman's roommate claims she'll do anything to help find her, but investigators fear they may have a rare female psychopath on their hands. Later, a killer's angry outbursts could be real, or just an act put on by a skilled manipulator.


Episode 8 - Now They Love Me Down to Sleep

A death row inmate grants a final interview weeks before his execution. After a tragic house fire in Texas, suspicion lands on a husband and father when the brutally murdered bodies of his family are discovered in the ashes and he doesn't blink an eye.


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