Signs of a Psychopath

Signs of a Psychopath Season 5 Episodes

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Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - I Guess My Life Is Over Now

A mother who calls 911 to report her 32-year-old delinquent son is threatening her turns up dead in her home. He becomes the only suspect, and when he turns himself in, his pragmatic retelling of the slaying isn’t just cold-hearted -- it’s psychopathic.


Episode 2 - I Was in a Zone

A crash on a North Dakota highway leaves one passenger dead but the driver unscathed. When investigators see that the victim has stab wounds, they know there was foul play. Detectives interrogate the driver and quickly realize he's a violent psychopath.


Episode 3 - It Wanted to Kill Somebody

Searchers for a missing woman find her brutally beaten body in a dilapidated house near her home. The case goes cold until a local teen steps forward to reveal that he's not only the killer but also a manipulative psychopath with a thirst for violence.


Episode 4 - Heat Will Destroy

After his conviction for the brutal slaying of his wife, a Florida inmate lays claim to another unsolved murder 17 years prior, revealing that he’s a manipulative psychopath with a history of violence and an unquenchable thirst for revenge.


Episode 5 - Hell To Look Forward To

A man confesses that he “accidentally” killed his best friend while cleaning his gun. During his interrogation, he stuns police by revealing that he’s behind a long trail of bloodshed and is a serial killer who seems to consider himself an angel of mercy.


Episode 6 - I Wanted Her to Hear It

A woman's boyfriend discovers his girlfriend and her mother brutally murdered in their beds at night. He places a desperate call to 911, pleading for help. The tables turn when detectives uncover his dark desire to seek revenge on the woman he loves.


Episode 7 - Ladies First

When a beloved elderly couple disappears on a Sunday afternoon, one person knows their battered bodies lie dead at the bottom of a well. That man is the couple’s son, who lives off of his parents’ charity yet takes sadistic pleasure in murdering them.


Episode 8 - I’m Gonna Recycle a Snitch

Behind a church lies a dismembered body burned beyond recognition. Investigators identify the victim by fingerprints and receive a tip the suspect is female. A police interview reveals her as the most remorseless psychopathic killer they’ve ever seen.


Episode 9 - In My Van, I’m the Aggressor

Omaha police officers chase down a stolen vehicle driving recklessly. When they arrest the driver, he shocks detectives by giving an unsolicited confession to a gruesome murder of a local woman -- the first of many chilling revelations.


Episode 10 - I’m a Sick Puppy

When a priest from Florida goes missing, police focus on a troubled ex-convict whom he was helping to support. Through multiple interrogations, a psychopathic killer reveals details of a twisted vengeance that escalates to a chilling murder.


Episode 11 - How to Spot a Psychopath

The signs of psychopathy lurk in all of us -- grandiosity, sadism, superficial charm, manipulation, lack of empathy, or having a parasitic lifestyle. Go inside the mind of psychopaths to discover when these pervasive traits deviate into violence.


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