Signs of a Psychopath

Signs of a Psychopath Season 4 Episodes

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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Everyone Has a Death Sentence

The “Tourniquet Killer” terrorizes young girls across Houston, Texas. When advances in DNA finally lead to his arrest, this psychopath eagerly confesses to multiple murders. Weeks before his execution, he grants one interview reveling in the spotlight.


Episode 2 - Sleeping Beauties

First responders arrive at a home in Ontario where a mother leads officers to the dead bodies of her two children. An investigation yields a twisted truth: this awful tragedy isn’t an accident but a carefully crafted killing by a vengeful psychopath.


Episode 3 - God Was Going To Use Me

A longtime nurse confesses to helping end the lives of numerous elderly patients at multiple nursing homes. But as detectives soon discover, this is no angel of mercy. Behind her unsuspecting, “aww shucks” persona lies a ruthless psychopath.


Episode 4 - Most People Would Be Haunted

A failed actor returns home, ready to take out his rage on the weakest members of society. After killing four people, a chance encounter with police will lead to his downfall. The interrogation room becomes the stage for this killer’s final performance.


Episode 5 - I Knew She Lived Alone

Burlington Police get a call that a man has killed his girlfriend. They arrive at the home to find the man calm while his girlfriend’s mutilated body lies nearby. He explains that he has other victims, revealing a history of psychopathic sexual deviancy.


Episode 6 - I Was a Star

A woman dies in a brutal stabbing at home. Police quickly locate the prime suspect, her ex-boyfriend Antoine Bynum. In his interrogation, he appears to have a psychotic episode until detectives discover it’s merely the ruse of a deranged psychopath.


Episode 7 - Sometimes People Get Shot

A 17-year-old steals a gun and begins a horrifying road trip. He murders two gas station attendants in cold blood, laughing as he shoots his victims in the face. When officers catch up with him, a haunting portrait of a burgeoning psychopath emerges.


Episode 8 - I Call Him Monster

Police respond to the site of a fiery car crash alongside a Michigan highway, where they discover the badly burned body of a young woman. Investigators quickly realize this is no accident but a cold-blooded murder plot.


Episode 9 - The Women on His List

In the course of a few hours, an unhinged man snaps, unleashing a furious rampage that would leave three women dead in their homes. A statewide manhunt ensues, which yields a misogynistic psychopath hell-bent on revenge.


Episode 10 - He Is Not Among the Living

A young woman calls 911 because her boyfriend is missing and there is a pool of blood in their one-bedroom apartment. Evidence leads investigators to the couple's roommate, a manipulative psychopath hell-bent on revenge along with his loyal best friend.


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