Signs of a Psychopath

Signs of a Psychopath Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - I Am Strange

A lone gunman shoots a young man and woman on their way home from the gym where they work. While interrogating a suspect, detectives learn that this is no random attack but the twisted plan of a deranged psychopathic stalker.


Episode 2 - The Good Girl

A young woman makes a frantic 911 decrying a brutal home invasion that results in the shooting of her mother and father. However, as police interview her, they uncover a secret double life and an elaborate web of lies spun by a maniacal psychopath.


Episode 3 - Do Her Mortal Harm

The naked and mutilated body of a mother turns up at the bottom of a ravine in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. When tire tracks lead investigators to a suspect, they encounter an undetected serial killer who confesses to butchering eight women over a decade.


Episode 4 - I Killed Him. Boom. Boom.

Police respond to a 911 call to find a father of two dead in his home with more than 15 gunshot wounds. Police question the family, but one person is missing, his mother-in-law. Now detectives must determine if this grandma could be a deadly psychopath.


Episode 5 - You Met the Angel of Death

When a graduate student suddenly goes missing, the family he’s staying with immediately contacts police. Then, just days later, a horrific discovery forces investigators to face a rare kind of monster.


Episode 6 - I'm Just a Sick Murderer

An officer responds to a 911 call placed by a robber on the lam who feels compelled to turn himself in. However, when the officer arrives at the scene, the criminal confesses to much more than breaking and entering.


Episode 7 - She Isn’t Acting Dead Enough

A man crashes into the back of a woman’s vehicle early one morning. Officers respond to the scene only to find her car abandoned. Witnesses point to the other driver, and detectives are horrified to discover a sadistic psychopath who admits to murder.


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