Summer Camp Island Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Susie and Ramona Chapter 1: Susie's Ark

When Susie learns magic is beginning to disappear from New York, she tries to lead all the magical creatures to safety.


Episode 2 - Susie and Ramona Chapter 2: Ghost Baby Jabberwock

Susie, Ramona, and Barb team up in frozen time to see what's threatening magic.


Episode 3 - Susie and Ramona Chapter 3: Meet Me in Massachusetts

Susie and Ramona train a gaggle of witches until they have a full coven.


Episode 4 - Susie and Ramona Chapter 4: Witches in the City

Ramona sends Susie back to New York in search of new magical creatures.


Episode 5 - Puddle and the King Chapter 1: Honey Moondog

The King leaves Hedgehog and Oscar in charge of the kingdom while he and Puddle are away, their only duty is to carry out the Swan-Upping.


Episode 6 - Puddle and the King Chapter 2: Royally Bored

Hedgehog and Oscar discover alien jesters who live under the floorboards of the castle.


Episode 7 - Puddle and the King Chapter 3: All the King's Slides

Oscar, Hedgehog and Puddle must figure out what's wrong with the King when he orders the aliens to turn all the planet's sugar into salt.


Episode 8 - Yeti Confetti Chapter 1: Don't Tell Lucy

Oscar has to distract Lucy while the Yetis prepare a surprise for her.


Episode 9 - Yeti Confetti Chapter 2: The Yum Whisperer

Lucy and a young yeti named Fife argue about the right way to raise a litter of baby yetis they found.


Episode 10 - Yeti Confetti Chapter 3: The Sherbet Scoop

Lucy decides to tell a story during a Yeti cloud-making ceremony about a Yeti Elder she doesn't know.


Episode 11 - Yeti Confetti Chapter 4: Lucy's Instrument

Lucy goes to Yeti school to find her instrument.


Episode 12 - Yeti Confetti Chapter 5: Where's the Confetti

When it doesn't snow on the final day of Yeti Confetti, a Yeti Elder blames Lucy. In order to prove she belongs Lucy tries to find a way to make it snow.


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