Tyler Perry's House of Payne Season 10 Episodes

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Season 10 Episode Guide

Episode 0 - The New Praisers

Jazmine seeks Ella's guidance as she starts a Bible study group at her college, and Laura insists Calvin draws stronger boundaries with Miranda.


Episode 1 - Deena

Lisa introduces the Paynes to her materialistic, larger-than-life mom Deena when she shows up unannounced, and Ella and Miranda create a vlog to raise money for the church's help center.


Episode 2 - Paynes in the Butt

Curtis expects a financial windfall when he inherits two African sculptures from his late uncle, and C.J. and Janine disagree about how to discipline Hayden and Jayden.


Episode 3 - Balancing Payne

Two partnerships are put to the test when Laura fears she isn't a priority in Calvin's life and Floyd feels excluded by Curtis's independent plans for a new food truck and menu.


Episode 4 - Encouragement

Janine helps C.J. get into a healthy lifestyle after he fails a physical aptitude test at work, and dinner with Laura's parents goes downhill fast when Calvin's past comes to light.


Episode 5 - Forget Me Not

The family sees a different side of Curtis when he loses his memory, and C.J. goes too far in helping the twins with their science project.


Episode 6 - One-Legged Funeral Director

Calvin suspects one of the main characters in Miranda's novel is based on him, and Curtis encourages Christian to be more physical on the soccer field.


Episode 7 - Les Sexy Sauce

Curtis and Floyd swing into action to track down the thief who's been bootlegging Curtis's special homemade sauce, and Ella and Miranda help Malik and Lisa through a romantic rough patch.


Episode 8 - Just Payne Trippin'

Jazmine's family is skeptical when she starts picking up habits and ideas from her young, free-thinking college professor, and Calvin and Miranda face a serious coparenting dilemma.


Episode 9 - Like New Money

After narrowly surviving the truck explosion, Curtis becomes convinced someone is out to get him, and Miranda helps Calvin get to the root of Junior's bad behavior at school.


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