Tyler Perry's House of Payne Season 9 Episodes

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Season 9 Episode Guide

Episode 0 - What's in a Payne Name

Malik and Lisa can't agree on a name for their newborn baby, C.J. worries about Janine as reports of a plane incident come in, and Calvin offers relationship advice to Malik.


Episode 1 - Major Payne

As the pressure mounts for Lisa to choose her college classes, she envisions what her future would be like down different career paths.


Episode 2 - Bag Men

After Curtis starts a new family food truck business, his chief of operations Lisa is upset to learn that Malik is receiving a higher wage despite having a subordinate role.


Episode 3 - H.O. Hate

Curtis sets his sights on retaliation when the new HOA president threatens to shut down the grand opening of his food truck.


Episode 4 - Meme, Myself and I

CJ discovers more than he wants to know when he attempts to bond with his kids via social media, and fame goes to Curtis's head when his comical rants turn him into a viral sensation.


Episode 5 - Good Will Nothing

Ella talks Curtis into writing his will after the sudden passing of a friend, and when the rest of the family realizes a potential inheritance is in play, they all start sucking up.


Episode 6 - Payne-Ting

Calvin and Malik question everything they know about love and fidelity when they unearth Ella's old diary and find her passionate love poems addressed to someone other than Curtis.


Episode 7 - A Payne-Ful Interview

Calvin and Ella help Curtis prepare for an interview to promote his BBQ sauce on one of Atlanta's hottest shows, and Malik learns about Lisa's responsibilities while taking care of MaLisa.


Episode 8 - Woman to Woman

Malik educates C.J. and Lisa about criminal justice reform, and Miranda and Laura clash over a gift for Christian and their distinct roles in his life.


Episode 9 - It Was All a Dream

Calvin sends flirty texts to Miranda after a raucous night out with his friends, and C.J. gives Malik an important lesson about marriage and fatherhood.


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