Tyler Perry's House of Payne

Tyler Perry's House of Payne Season 8 Episodes

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Season 8 Episode Guide

Episode 0 - Whiplash

While recovering from his injuries, C.J. comes under investigation for his conduct during the fire, and Lisa feels judged by Malik's family.


Episode 1 - A Payneful Lesson

Calvin tries to impress Laura by cooking her an elegant meal, and C.J. resists his family's attempts to help him while he recuperates.


Episode 2 - All Lumped Together

Ella receives alarming news after a routine mammogram, and Malik is in danger of losing his scholarship after he's had to shoulder the responsibilities of his household.


Episode 3 - Back That Thang Up

Calvin and Floyd help Ella around the house, C.J. seeks alternative treatments for his back problems, and a car robbery takes everyone by surprise.


Episode 4 - Sauce Bosses

C.J. tries to talk Floyd out of selling the family barbecue sauce recipe, and Calvin grows concerned when he learns Miranda wants to buy a gun for protection.


Episode 5 - Missing Mustard Seeds

Curtis offers to cook for Ella's event after his harsh review prompts her caterer to cancel, and Malik alarms his family members with philosophical questions about life and religion.


Episode 6 - In the Hot Seat

As Calvin and Laura prepare for premarital counseling, Curtis steps in to give them relationship advice of his own, which leaves the couple at odds with each other.


Episode 7 - Karen

Calvin's life is turned upside down when a white woman posts false theft accusations against him on social media, and C.J. is disappointed to learn that Malik doesn't vote.


Episode 8 - Me Against the World

Ella plans a family game night, but things get awkward when Miranda shows up to the party, and Clarence suspects Floyd is trolling him online.


Episode 9 - Pow Wow at the Paynes

After a police shooting at a music festival, Malik joins a protest to demand the release of bodycam footage, and Ella tries to be supportive of Lisa's jewelry-making ambitions.


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